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Russian woman shocked by Turkish lover: ' Police ' said, everything was a lie

35-year-old Evgeniia Dtysheva, a Russian citizen in Antalya, is a child of a Russian citizen in Antalya who introduces himself as ' police ' and ' Omer Demir ' 35...

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Russian woman shocked by Turkish lover: ' Police ' said, everything was a lie
Russian woman shocked by Turkish lover: ' Police ' said, everything was a lie, DHA Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 13:3 9 35-year-old Evgeniia Dtysheva, a Russian citizen in Antalya, is a child who introduces himself as ' police ' and ' Omer Demir '

In Antalya, 35-year-old Evgeniia Dtysheva, a Russian citizen, said that far of a child who recognized himself as ' police ' and ' Omer Demir ' T.A. cheated $100 thousand. His record was noted that T.A. was photographed in police clos. The Russian Evgeniia Dtysheva, who lives in Antalya, had a striking claim at police headquarters in Konyaalti, where he went to complain about far of a child T.A., who he knew as ' police ' and ' Omer Demir '. Evgeniia Dtysheva noted that two years ago, a site in harbour district was proposing to him as ' Ömer Demir ' in gym, after which he began to interview with person who appeared to be T.A., after a while. At times, Evgeniia Dtysheva, who transferred to Russia, said, "Omer told me to bring necessary marriage to marry back from Russia. After returning from Russia, we started living with Omar. Then I got pregnant. My ex-wife and child were staying with me. That's why my ex-husband got mad at me and wanted to come to Antalya and take me to Russia. Omar opposed and beat up my ex-husband. My ex-husband filed a lawsuit against me in Russia claiming I didn't show him his child. On top of that, Omar told me, "You have to sell everything, you have to put a precaution on all your possessions." Omer buyer found my apartment on site and sold it. We bought a jeep and 80 or 100 thousand dollars from guy we sold apartment to. I took car. Omer ' Your accounts may be foreclosures, so this money is in my account, saying, "He took money," he said.

' He said he was a cop ' Last year, Ömer Demir said that he would be a police officer, Evgeniia Dtysheva said, " prosecutor he knew to become a police officer, judge and police personnel. He said he started mission a day or two after he said it. He said he worked as a civilian. He's wearing a police emblem card on his belt and leaving home almost every day ' I'm going to work '. The police were using radio. He had a silver gun and bullets that I didn't know about his brand. Many times I saw official traffic police vehicle come in front of house and leave it home. Sometimes motorcycle dolphin teams came and quit, "he said.

vanished on July 18th Evgeniia Dtysheva, who claimed to have signed paperwork one day, saying that Omer Demir would do all procedures for marriage, continued his speech as follows: "After signing house, he said we would be married. I was pregnant with him, so I didn't examine that paper and I trusted him. Even Omer told me ' Congratulations are now married ' after signing. After a while, he told me that I had to assess money from apartment, found a plot. I agreed. We went to Konyaaltı Land Directorate. There was one or person I didn't know. Then he said y'd send deed home if I didn't have to wait. I waited for Omar in car. And n Omar came in here and signed some paperwork I didn't know about. He said se are necessary documents for deed. A few days later, he brought me a deed and said he was taking a number. When I looked at deed, it was written. He said that he took this number around $35 thousand, and that remaining amount was in his account. After a while, he told me that he was appointed to Moscow, that we would move re because he would work at customs. Because of legal process with my ex-wife, re is a shortage of Russia, Omer told me that he will set up a new passport and re will be no problems. On July 18th, he put two big handbags in vehicle and came home at 04.00 o'clock in morning. There were no bags when he returned. I asked him about his passport, he said he'd handle it. He deliberately created a debate and never came back. Fifteen minutes after he left house, he texted me to go to Georgia, he was going to take me with him, tell me not to give anyone money if anybody came home to get it. After I left that house, I noticed that my tablet, my IPhone 4 brand mobile phone, which I bought from Russia, my 4 diamond-stone gold ring, 3 gold earrings, 3 chains of gold necklace, and precious stones on top of my 2 wedding rings were not in place. I called Omar on phone, but it was always closed. I still can't reach him. "

Everything lies As a result of his research, Evgeniia Dtysheva, who added that he had learned that he was not a police officer, concluded his speech as follows: "We are not married, no disciples have been made for marriage, no deed to me, nor is re any immovable. I found out that deed he showed was counterfeit. He took this deed document with him. And once I looked at her phone, I saw her texting with a few women. He told me y were old friends and no longer seeing each or. I found out later that I learned that with 3-4 women, he still had a boyfriend and a boy. Also, when we lived with Omer, a traffic police named Mustafa came to our house as a guest. I know him as Omar's cop friend. He was taking Omer to work every now and n. He never told me that Omar wasn't a cop. When I couldn't reach Omer, I called Mustafa. He told me his name wasn't Omar, he didn't know where he was, he was looking for him, he owed him money. Mustafa ' did not work toger, and when I said police, ' No, I do not work toger, we were just traveling in car, not police, ' he said. He didn't tell me what his real name was. The financial wealth of incidents is around 100-120 thousand dollars. " In research, it was determined that person who recognized himself as Ömer Demir was T.A. and found.


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