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Sabina stays ' mute ' in the middle of a concert in Madrid

The singer has only been able to complete half of the Repertoire

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Sabina stays ' mute ' in the middle of a concert in Madrid

"Joaquin (Sabina) has a terrible aphonia and can not continue with concert," announced at 23.20 Pancho Varon. His musicians had continued performance where he left Jaen, in an emotive and yet he abandoned like a ghost in half. They interpreted three or mes waiting for ir leader's return to stage, but it never happened. Not even to say goodbye. The audience broke out in a sense applause. Ors beat ir palms resigned.

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The concert led to hour and 40 minutes, but in last quarter of an hour followers wondered about whereabouts of Sabina, who had previously made a 15-minute rest sheltered by his musicians. The singer offered his fifth concert in Madrid in last year, Pertenenciente on his tour I deny everything. A tour with too many jumps: already suspended two concerts in Mexico, three in Canary Islands and one EnA Coruña for different health problems.

That night was not for party already predicted by Sabina himself minutes before. "There are days when wires from heart and throat intersect. Voice problems won't keep me from singing as I can. " And Jaen bundled world-wide: All public broke out in a "Oé, Oé, Oé". Then he sang of pure and gold, a song he never interpreted but which is his "favorite". She dedicated it to her daughters, in-laws and her nieces-granddaughters with watery eyes, as acting began, very emotional. "It is said that it is his last tour, very much to my regret," said grieved Maria Silva.

Judging from Sabina's own nerves, concert sounded farewell. He started it strong, putting to public that crowded Wizink Center (17,400 localities, all sold for months). The capital is fetish city of Jaen. "There's always a train that empties into Madrid. There is always a child who ages in Madrid, "he sang to open curtain. The feelings were blooming with skin and Sabina, I knew it. He hugged his people, returning affection he was getting. He needed it.

"As you know this endless tour I've been walking through halls of sordid hospitals," recalled a restless Sabina, who looked like a primer at 69 years. The singer-songwriter warned that those who say that old age is fantastic, lie like Scoundrels because aging is a fucking shit. The watery eyes told me that Sabina was not well. He touched his arms too much, but he endured stoically because "despite having stepped on most prestigious scenarios, only one that rejuvenates is Madrid".

By n, Jaen had already misunderstood his jacket. He exhibited a black shirt with short sleeves with drawings of small and colorful dinosaurs, as if he wanted to wink at his age, who cursed on more than one occasion: "My plan was not to age without dignity, but to move from adolescence to old age without being an adult. Getting to 69 is most glorious thing an old green can get. " And he disappeared leaving a trace of restlessness among his fans, though he will deny it all. Even truth.

Sabina is an idol in Madrid, which has dedicated many of his most popular songs, turned into hymns of city. In 2014, in same scenario last night, although n it was called Sports Palace, author of say that I speak of Madrid also felt indisposed and left without concluding concert.


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