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' Said and done ': Bar humor for Friday night

TVE tries to inherit the audience of your face sounds to me showing known faces facing improvised challenges

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' Said and done ': Bar humor for Friday night

"That I dare not? Hold beer. " With se two phrases can be summarized, roughly, said and done, new space of humor of TVE for Friday night. The program was born literally in bars. And that shows in its result.

A master of ceremonies, Anabel Alonso, and her assistant José Cobacho pose absurd challenges for six comedians. They force m to do things like painting Portrait of a horse mounted on anor horse or questioning a Swedish gentleman who does not pronounce a word of Spanish. The contestants, a diverse group that includes veteran Pablo Carbonell and actress Elena Furiase, take ir imagination to get out of way.

This hodgepodge that drinks from improvisation atre was conceived in fringe of Edinburgh, alternative side of most prestigious festival of Scenic Arts in world. While some of his colleagues were playing Samuel Beckett or Shakespeare on boards of Scottish capital, Alex Horne and his fellow humorists gave m to compete to see who made fattest donkey. The twisted mind of his host devised missions y were facing. After years respecting tradition between rivers of beer, y took Taskmaster to a production company. They've already chained five successful seasons on British television.

TVE's strategy seems clear with this premiere. Said and done comes a week after end of your face sounds to me 6 with intention of inheriting his bulging audience on Friday night. This is why it uses a formula very similar to successful Antena 3 program: Placing six known faces outside ir comfort zone, forced to do things that neir spectator nor mselves expect.

Almost all tests faced by Secondary de la Rosa (Aída), Goizalde Núñez (Los Serrano) and company in Spanish version of this show are recorded and filmed outdoors. All of m have an important component of physical comedy, of almost universal efficacy.

But a fundamental part of said and done is on stage of ater where all its participants gar to comment on move. Spanish television is not so accustomed to that facet of humour dialogued so much of British style and that it works very well in night talk show of Graham Norton.

The six sufferers of said and done

In his first installment in TVE, chemistry among his eight participants takes almost an hour to emerge. It is too long for a good part of audience not to have already sentenced risky proposal of public chain. With some patience, one discovers that space does manage to maintain atmosphere of Tasca of original version and even to reach some or ramalazo of surreal genius.

The creativity of writers is key in this type of Entuertos, as is casting of program. The second ends up working; The first time alone. And end result is too confusing, more even that it slips Me, that antenna 3 program with which it shares DNA.

However, it is understandable that TVE has played it with a bet as complicated as said and done, taking into account good results it has recently obtained with or British formats. Masterchef and masters of seam ( Great British sewing Bee) are among m. The future 1 celebrity dance show will also adapt to BBC's Strictly Come dancing instead of betting on its own classic, see who dances.

The difference is that all se spaces were tested by UK public chain and have already proven to be able to entertain masses. Instead, Taskmaster is a content thought for Dave, a cable chain with a much smaller range of followers. Maybe too complex to disconnect with it at end of a long week of work.

* Said and done was followed by 877,000 spectators with a bad 5.5% screen share.


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