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Sanatçı spirit of Madrid

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Sanatçı spirit of Madrid
Artistic Madrid Tourism News Fatih yılmaz date of entry: 10.9.2017 Madrid, culture-art, football, bullfighting, extending from with a wide range of entertainment and night life welcomes thousands of tourists. No time to get bored in this historic city of Mediterranean, charming city of Madrid, catch up with rhythm of flamenco in Spain do you want to feel? Then football, siesta (her afternoon nap) and fiesta (party) we're going for a pleasant ride in country's capital city Toledo in Spain.From Istanbul nearly four-hour flight at Madrid Airport we're landing.Along way we saw statues when you go to city centre, magnificent buildings of Madrid gives preliminary information about soul of artist is almost here.dancing, football, bullfightingas well as a rich historical heritage, art and culture centre of Madrid, with a population of eight thousand miles of space and more than three million of Spain's largest city. Bell, Tuesday, rose, bullfights, flamenco dancing is one of most colourful and vibrant cities in Europe with football craze.Reflecting kingdom power and glory of Spanish structures in this city all more glorious. The Bourbon dynasty at house of two thousand 850-room Palace, Las Ventas Arena, which is one of world's largest art museums, Prado, botanical gardens, with just a few of popular places of Madrid. Spacious and clean Boulevards, beautiful buildings and bright draws attention.The concept of time has been turned upside down in this city. The afternoon Siesta early because Spaniards who sleep until late at night enjoying freedom and fun.Every corner in Madrid in common mussel, fried calamari and a Philly cheesesteak vendors, a colourful display of city visitors.Our first stop is city which is symbol of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid. Madrid is a source of pride for people of this stat up to 80 thousand people.We don't have much to do with football here, since you keep our visit short, accepted as national sport of bullfighting takes place in arena where people of Madrid, Plaza de la Ventas we're going to. This area says Spaniards bullfighting Cadral. A seating capacity of 23 thousand people. Those guys are here, great respect, stood statues of field.Landscaping cares about people of Madrid whole city is verdant.Everywhere is decorated with trees and a pool. Yesil largest of fields our course, we turn to Retiro Parque del Bueno. Built on 12 hectares, Retiro Park 17. Retro Palace is organized as a part of century.Plaza de la Ventas (bullfighting Cadral )MEETS SCULPTURESstatues of people that have given direction to Spain Park meets you when you enter. The Palacio de Velázquez and Palacio de Crystal Palace in a park with a children's pool. People around here are enjoying tour boat makes in pool or in cafeteria. Plaza de la Independencia, Puerta del Alcalá in Freedom Square in all its glory before us going out door.Gate of Alcalá Madrid, it is one of symbols of warrior angels fancy belt. Follow street down Paseo de Recoletos to cybele square meets us when we landed. Dedicated to Mor goddess Cibeles Puerta magnificent Jupiter in square in pool, two lions LED Car statue in lobby.Intersections, which is one of Madrid's main square, old town that you enter into when you come to feel also.Madrid nightlife starts after midnight naturally. If address is most colorful night of your life, Puerto del Sol.The challenge all kinds of fun, in event protest is an area where are organized. Everyone comes here for fun.Plaza de Cibeles symbol of city Mayor Squarewe're listening to Latin tunes in Puerto del Sol. Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador desde el equinoccio group that makes music of both CDs will give a concert in square sells.Stores, malls, cafes, very lively, we're going for a short ride on Carmen street.Add a different color to a frequent and recurring character in our trip. Mayor Square, which is one of symbols of Madrid, in 1619 King 3. Felipe was built as a shopping mall by prestige of kingdom that will allow you to. Here guests 3 The King on his horse. Felipe's statue greets.Mayor Square, bullfighting and has hosted many important events as coronation ceremonies of royal family's wedding. Today 100 thousand people in square concerts and atrical performances are organized.Approximately seven thousand works, which has world's most important European art collection to be seen at Prado Museum stops. 18. century in museum, Rubens, Goya, El Greco, Bosch, Velazquez, such as works of many masters are on display.Toledo CadralToledo's cultural mosaicwe're going to complete our tour of Madrid to Toledo in about 40 minutes. Toledo is a medieval city with narrow streets and stone houses when viewed from outside looks like. We understand that when we came in but we were wrong. The aristocratic air of century, vitality of life in city with met. Toledo UNESCO's world heritages, which included Muslims, Christians and Jews lived toger because it is a cultural mosaic of medieval darkness I have experienced. It was damaged during Spanish Civil War, and today used as city library at top of Alcazar, El Greco, Van Dyck, and Goya, including works of cadral in prima. Famous for its Medieval craftsmanship at a very affordable price for Toledo steel swords, Armor, shields you can buy.


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