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Scavenger Television

On Monday, save me changed its contents to put Paz Padilla in front of a table of analysis of the Gabriel case. Was it necessary?

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Scavenger Television

"I like smell of napalm in morning." Like character of Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now was coming up in most terrifying situations, same happens to some television programs when a bloody event arrives at his hands. The discovery on Sunday of body of little Gabriel and circumstances that have surrounded his death have been engine of programming of both Sunday and Monday, taking all juice possible to a case that, on many fronts, you can still only make conjectures.

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On Sunday afternoon, Viva La Vida, presented by Toñi Moreno in Telecinco, was overturned with this event. The program extended its schedule to start just after informative and to be thus five hours live. The result was a record audience for format (3,227,000 spectators, 20.8% of screen share), which in its final strip parked me to interview Amaia and Alfred, as previously planned.

On Monday, as expected, morning magaziness also turned to last-minute follow-up on case and analyses from all possible viewpoints. Again, maneuver led to large audience data: Ana Rosa Quintana in Telecinco achieved a 26.9% share. Grey Susanna, in Antena 3, 26.2% and morning of 1 also rose to 15.4%. All information and spaces that focused on event throughout day benefited from audience's interest in what happened.

All this, provided that information is treated with respect and thoroughness, is understandable. The interest aroused by events between spectators is evident. But most striking of day occurred in afternoon of Telecinco, with a save me converted into roundtable analysis, with live connections to places of interest and different interviews with experts. A table that was conducted by humorist Paz Padilla, clearly uncomfortable in this unexpected situation. A program in which y are masters in insubstantial Entertainment converted for an afternoon in analysis space with guests journalists, lawyers, police... but also with experts and analysts clearly expert in case as Mila Ximénez, Terelu Campos or Lydia Lozano. Before, program started honoring deceased with entire team of collaborators and part of public standing in center of set.

Save me put aside pure and hard entertainment, stories of ir collaborators turned into characters and food from contents of space, to address a subject as serious as murder of an eight-year-old boy. The grotesque result was criticized, logically, in social networks. The audience's interest in event is evident, that has become clear. But not everything goes for audience. And if function of Save me is to entertain, y better focus on that and leave information and analysis to experts on that.

But smell of napalm is what it has.


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