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Schiappa puts into perspective the commitment of the generalization of the PMA to all women as early as 2018

The secretary of State for equality between women and men is back on Sunday its about the beginning of the week.

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Schiappa puts into perspective the commitment of the generalization of the PMA to all women as early as 2018
Marlène Schiappa is back, Sunday 17 September, on announcement that legislation going in direction of an enlargement of LDCS to single women and women in a relationship with a woman would "probably" be proposed to Parliament next year.

The secretary of State for equality between men and women had, indeed, announced on Tuesday that opening of medically assisted procreation (map) for all women would be proposed by government in framework of revision of law on bioethics in 2018. Questioned on RMC - BFM-TV, she had stated that "this engagement campaign" Emmanuel Macron would be " held ". "In terms of timing, we will be on year that's coming, 2018, probably with revisions of law in bioethics ", she said.

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Guest of show Sunday politics on France 3, Marlène Schiappa stated that only calendar of reform would be known next year. "We are not in a debate, for moment, to LDCS. The LDCS, this is not news, this will be at time of States general of bioethics. "

" In 2018, a priori, at end of 2018, re will be States general of bioethics, within framework of law on bioethics. In this framework, we will discuss actually LDCS and government will propose to open LDCS, she stated, precise timing will be exposed at this time. ""The LDCS will be adopted before end of quinquennium, it is a commitment of president," she said.

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" It will be necessary to put safeguards in place "

This reform is raising reserves up in ranks of majority. Guest of Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI, minister of interior, Gérard Collomb, has been estimated Sunday that LDCS, for all women, " pose without doubt a number of problems." "It will be necessary to implement safeguards," he added, referring to " laws sensitive that may offend consciences ". Asked if he would support this project, minister of interior replied : "I would propose that we can solve problem of unemployment before addressing problems civilizational. ""For me, priority is always economic and social benefits," he said.

The national consultative ethics Committee (CCNE) has opened way to a change in law on question by ruling, in month of June, for an enlargement to female couples and to single women. This decision, which is expected since its referral in February 2013 in heart of debate on gay marriage and adoption for people of same sex, was a turning point in a debate epidermal. The government has made in process, through his spokesman, Christophe Castaner, that he would follow opinion of CCNE in seeking "greater consensus" and avoiding any " tension ".

The Manif for all, movement at forefront of protest against Taubira law of may 2013, and who fight without respite against " LDCS without a far ", has, for its part, denounced a notice "in complete discrepancy with aspirations of French" and asked Emmanuel Macron to save a debate " useless ".

In France, medical assistance to procreation is today reserved for heterosexual couples that are infertile. The LDCS for lesbian couples or single women is allowed in some or European countries, such as United Kingdom, Spain or Belgium.


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