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' Search Party ', the mystery and comedy of being ' millennial '

' Search Party ' faces a second "darker and funnier" season, according to its creators

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' Search Party ', the mystery and comedy of being ' millennial '

A good day, Dory discovers that Chantal, a former college classmate who at that time did not pay much attention, is in unknown whereabouts. His monotonous and dull life is n shaken by an obsession: to discover what has become of Chantal. Dory is ready to get to last consequences and involves her boyfriend and two friends in search. It starts thus a delirious adventure for four millennials New Yorkers protagonists of Search Party, whose second season emits TNT on Sundays at 21.00 (also available on request).

Charles Rogers, Sarah-Violet Bliss and Michael Showalter are creators of this mystery comedy that surprised with a first installment that was gaining strength among public thanks to word of mouth and was subject of praise from critics. "It ends in a very dark way, protagonists have to deal with something terrible y have done." While first installment focused more on mystery, second has more thriller, with more paranoia. "It's darker but also more fun," Rogers says in a phone conversation with three cocreators in which y are taking turns to respond but with Rogers carrying singing voice.

To explain origins of Search Party you have to go to new York University. There, Bliss and Rogers were students in a course that taught Showalter, a prolific actor, producer and scriptwriter of comedies such as Wet Hot American summer. From re was born his bond for a fiction that Showalter describes as "a series about a group of young people who are in a very crazy circumstance while trying to find out what y want to do with ir life." Some American media have even catalogued Search Party as origin of a new genre, comedy noir. "I don't think we've invented anything." Now re is a lot of television in which you can see creator's voice behind, individual voices, "Rogers argues.

Because, beyond plot, Search Party also has a lot of generational portrait, with a protagonist whose life is so empty that it clings with all its strength to something that can remove it from mundane boredom. "The first season talked a lot about that moment in your life where you don't even know who you are, what you want to do, and you're looking for a purpose." Now Dory has what he was looking for, but it wasn't what he wanted, says Rogers. The new chapters depart from " denial that comes after a drama and how you can lie to yourself about being a good person or responsible for what you really are of your actions", in words of screenwriter.

The three agree that actress Alia Shawkat (arrested Development) was ideal to star in series. "We thought many young people would see her as a trustworthy person." At first it is someone you can see reflected in and n you discover that re is some madness and darkness. "She was right one to give with this tone because it is fun but at same time can express very extreme emotions," Rogers argues.

They coincide in highlighting television as a means in which different stories can have a way out. "People are taking television more seriously now in creative terms," Bliss says. "Screenwriters, actors and filmmakers in general follow money. " "You go where chances are for a living," Tertia Showalter. "Filmmakers only look for opportunity to do what y want, and on television re is more variety in type of projects you can do. " "The industry follows money," screenwriter and producer sentenced.

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