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Seth Meyers manages to laugh at sexual harassment

The presenter of the Golden Globes surpasses the complex mission of a monologue that jokes with balance on the most thorny subject of Hollywood

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Seth Meyers manages to laugh at sexual harassment

The first thing Seth Meyers thought when he got offer to present Golden Globes was, "It's worst year to do it!" He recognized him himself, in days leading up to gala, and he did not lack reason. They proposed one of most privileged scenarios for a comedian and, at same time, a trap. Because presenter of Golden Globes is asked for a hilarious and hurtful monologue about present. And in Hollywood--rar on half a planet--lately re is only one issue, which is not funny: sexual harassment that hundreds of women have suffered and suffer for decades. Meyers entered, began to greet with enthusiasm and launched to his mission Impossible: he had to face all mines, rubbing m but not stepping on m. Not only did he come out alive, but between applause.

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Meyers did not take ten words to refer to most anticipated subject. "Good-night ladies, and gentlemen to stay," he said in his introduction. And n next: "Happy New Year Hollywood. We're in 2018, marijuana has been licensed and sexual harassment is no longer ". The presenter remained faithful to his style: firm, standing, jokes as main and only weapon. I had already warned him: that no one would ask for dances and songs; There wouldn't be a spectacular start like last year's Jimmy Fallon show emulating La Land. Meyers proposed what followers of his Late Night know well. Perhaps sobriety of context would thank him.

The presenter told U.S. media that he was persuaded to accept after a conversation with his wife, Alexi Ashe. I mean, Meyers did what he recommended se days: "None of us are skilled at something we haven't experienced. So best thing a man can do right now is to listen and try to learn. " And even more of his partner, who was a helper of Brooklyn prosecutor and followed for two years cases of sexual abuse. Between her and " Women" of gala team she also met with, y changed Meyers ' perspective: The Sword of Damocles could be "an opportunity to say some things that or years could not have been said."

Of course, most explosive bomb that presenter threw could hardly have been released: "I'm going to name elephant in closet. Harvey Weinstein [The producer accused of abusing dozens of women, and whose fall in disgrace was springboard for global fight against sexual harassment] is not here. He'll be back in 20 years, when he's first booed on deceased's list. " Silence. The room stunned. Could you tell? Well, yes. And that's what's important. Maybe joke is exaggerated, or wild. But that's anor debate.

After Weinstein, several Hollywood heavyweights have been knocked down by movement method [victims of harassment that publicly denounce what y have suffered]: Kevin Spacey, Louis c. K., Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer... Or alleged stalkers come out every week from drip of complaints. So many to offer an opportunity for anor Meyers joke: "For male nominees, today is first time in months when hearing his name aloft is not terrifying."

References to sexual harassment did not stop. Meyers said what many must have thought: "Perhaps it would have been better for this gala to be presented by a woman." And he added: "But, of course, he was proposed to join most powerful men in Hollywood. In a hotel... And it's over. " And he also used movies and nominated series to go on with his show. Too easy to play with titles let me Out or Big Little Lies. And from shape of water he counted: "His plot is centered on a woman who falls in love with a monster. And I thought, no! Not anor Woody Allen! It's Manhattan underwater. "

Very skillful in improvisation, this time Meyers followed script. If talking about harassment was obligatory, certain doubts surrounded one that was central me of gala of 2017: Donald Trump. The president is still re, has served a year in mandate, and has not left eye of hurricane for a single day. In his usual program Meyers often laughs at Trump. He did it already in 2011, at dinner of foreign correspondents in Washington, with decisive consequences. "That was night he decided to introduce himself. It's not target I was looking for, but it's history. I took a man to presidency. I want my points, "Meyers has come to joke. This time, he limited himself to a joke: "This gala is from Association of Foreign Press of Hollywood. The only set of words that would infuriate our president more would be ' Hillary's Mexican Salad association '.

In few gaps that remained, Meyers used to joke with possible triumph of archives of Pentagon — as he spoke of it appeared a woman on stage carried several Golden Globes, and presenter said to him: "Not yet! — or to discuss with your Friend and Excollaborator Amy Poehler. The last few minutes came, and Meyers got serious: "This is a room full of privileged people, it's true. But Hollywood is much more than this. Most people here work a lot of hours, hairdressers, technicians. Those people aren't re because ir far is someone. " And, soon after, "Women have to work even harder. Thank you all for what you do. " The end. To listen. and try to learn.


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