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Shonda Rhimes, the guilty pleasure queen

The creator of ' Grey's Anatomy ' began as a screenwriter of ' Princess by surprise 2 '. He is now one of the star signings of Netflix, where he prepares eight fictions

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Shonda Rhimes, the guilty pleasure queen

She's one of most powerful women on American television. Their stories drag millions of spectators. Its formula includes melodramatic dyes, female characters strong protagonists and twists of screenplay brand of house, all with a common goal: that public is not bored. Shonda Rhimes is a woman and black, a rare avis in a world dominated by white men. You don't cut yourself to call things by name. And if he gets mad at an actor, his character's life is in serious danger. She's got TV command.


' Princess by surprise 2 '.

Shonda Lynn Rhimes was born in Chicago in 1970 and is small of six siblings. Among his first steps are screenplay of film Crossroads: Until End (2002), with which singer Britney Spears debuted as an actress in film and was beleaguered by critics. Nor was he very lucky with his first television pilot about young war correspondents and that ABC rejected in 2003. With producer Debra Martin Chase — anor African-American woman — she worked in Princess by surprise 2 (2004). And in March 2005 saw light series that would change his career.

-Great Hits

To talk about Shonda Rhimes is to talk about Grey's Anatomy. The history of doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle is on its way to its 15th season already converted into longest-lived primetime fiction that American chain ABC has had. Despite time, story that has Meredith Grey (actress Ellen Pompeo) at its center is maintained as one of most followed television productions in United States. Between 2007 and 2013 he lived with no previous appointment, derived from previous one and also created by Rhimes. In 2012 Tore Scandal, starring Kerry Washington as Oliva Pope, a lawyer and mistress of President of United States that is dedicated to cover shady issues of his clients. In addition to his creations, Rhimes's signature as executive producer is in or fictions, from how to defend a murderer to The Catch or season 19, some with more success than ors, through his producer Shondaland.

Ellen Pompeo in ' Grey's Anatomy '.

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From its list of productions, chain ABC will emit in season 2018-2019 new deliveries of Grey's Anatomy, how to defend a murderer, legal drama For People and station 19, spin off of Anatomy (Scandal finished last course). But now Rhimes already has look on Netflix. Last summer, producer and screenwriter signed a four-year contract for about 100 million dollars with online platform to create series for m. Your first project is already underway. His producer has done with rights of an article in New York magazine about true story of Anna Delvey, a swindler who deceived high society of New York posing as a wealthy German heiress. On Netflix, where he has announced that he is already preparing anor seven series, he will be able to unleash his particular style, which manages to leave spectators glued to screen while waiting for next unexpected script turn.

-what y say about her

Those who have worked with her describe her as passionate and determined. Actress Sandra Oh, who was in Grey's Anatomy for 10 seasons, assures that "it is connected to his own voice, born from bowels. She's a terrific screenwriter. " Kerry Washington, protagonist of Scandal, has only good words for her. In a meeting with press, actress explained why Rhimes does not like to use word "diversity" in reference to deals in ir series. "She talks about abandoning word ' diversity ' and replacing it with ' normalization '.

Among his television references he often quotes Norman Lear and series like Buffy, Slayer, Felicity and 24. Perhaps description of Rhimes that had most impact was that made a columnist of New York Times, Alessandra Stanley, in 2014, which defined screenwriter as "an Angry black Woman" in a critique of how to defend a murderer. "It is a sultry comment," said creator to country.

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