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Si el mundo se tambalea, ‘Saturday Night Live’ prospera

The imitation of Alec Baldwin as Trump leads the program to its best audience since 1994 and to sweep Emmy nominations

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Si el mundo se tambalea, ‘Saturday Night Live’ prospera

"Saturday Night Live" does not air because we are prepared, but because y are 23.30". One of most famous phrases of creator of legendary sketches, Lorne Michaels, is used to describe with enough precision 42 years of live show of NBC. Not always is brilliant, jokes and criticism are sometimes not polished and not all parts work. But sometimes it is so important that you can get to create a portrait that is very relevant to u.s. policy, inside and outside of ir country of issuance. That is what has happened this year.

Favorite in Emmy

With 231 nominations throughout its history (and 22 this year alone) and 52 victories, it is impossible for anyone to surpass record of Saturday Night Live. Thanks to success of this year, in addition, program could return to reign in category of variety —which has not won since 1993— and script. Those who already have your Emmy home this year, are guests of comedy: Melissa McCarthy (Sean Spicer) and Dave Chapelle (for his work as a presenter). They are also nominees to side Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Vanessa Bayer. Also, Kristen Wiig, Tom Hanks and Lin-Manuel Miranda were in struggle, but already lost.

The victory of Donald Trump, and choice of Alec Baldwin as mimic of president, has led to SNL at ir peak of hearing since 1994, and also to sweep nominations for Emmy awards with 22 nominations. The actor of 30 Rock, you can begin to make room in bathroom for his third statuette as best supporting actor.

But it is not first time that SNL designs a chair in imagination. The year of its release, in 1975, already happened with Gerald Ford. The version of Chevy Chase drew one of president's clumsy and poorly prepared. It was nothing like, and, however, only with your hand deal "not ready for prime-time" became a phenomenon. From that moment on, to have a president in cast would be one of great traditions. Will Ferrell even said that with his imitation of George W. Bush had made friendly in eyes of public that president bobalicón and stunned self-conscious by his far (Dana Carvey as H. W. Bush) that he designed. But no one had an effect so clear in election campaign as imitation of Sarah Palin made Tina Fey in 2008, even if that meant to endure for eight years of a commander-in-chief so little easy to imitate as Barack Obama, who was not with Fred Armisen or Jay Pharoah gave never great successes viral.

.@AlecBaldwin to return as Trump in #SNL season premiere

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) September 13, 2017

The Fey's Palin sat down, in addition, a precedent that would lead to a change of pace. From that moment, to holders and to detriment of deal usual, Lorne Michaels would start to look to famous friends of program to interpret new political actor. First it was comedian Larry David as Bernie Sanders (who, as a Fey, he had been claimed on Internet by ir resemblance) and months later came Alec Baldwin: "The first thing that I thought was in poor Darrell Hammond [imitator of Trump for decades], but no one thought that Trump would win. Alec what would be interpreted in four or five programs and n he would continue with his life," recalled producer Steve Higgins to The Hollywood Reporter. So little anticipated result that months before had been invited to candidate as a presenter in a move highly criticized by dulcificarlo rar than to criticize. Not to take it seriously was his worst strategy.

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Alec Baldwin, and in end, had a long career in program. It was, with 17 on Saturday at ir backs, who most times had conducted program as a guest during its history, as well as one of closest friends of Michaels: "The idea gave Tina Fey [your partner in 30 Rock] during summer," he told Michaels to The Hollywood Reporter. "But I was going to shoot a movie. Lorne kept calling: 'I Think that you should interpret to Trump What you have to do during 18 weeks?' Then movie lost funding, but I try to and I told Lorne: 'I can Not, I'm going to make a movie' and he answered: 'When you are done rolling, we'll bring in a private plane on Saturday to come to program to which you belong'. Then movie died finally and I called: 'I'm a Trump". October 1 2016 its imitation was flawless in gesture, voice and hairs. His first sketch of what was facing for first time at Hillary Clinton of Kate McKinnon  —also nominated for this Sunday, Emmy—, already seated as candidate thirsty for power, disconnected from real world and that it was clear who would be president: "This is going so well. It is precisely as I dreamt". Trump was just Trump.

The political atmosphere had been thinned, but was also only thing that could talk around world. On a Friday eir, it appeared to a recording of mogul, where he said that "he would grab women from pussy". The program had to be rewritten to adapt in record time. "After third debate, had become toxic. There was nothing more to say," recalls McKinnon. So both candidates came out of Rockefeller Center in direct to get m to embrace new yorkers and simply encourage public to vote: "we Wanted to remember that re was still goodness. We forgot".

when Trump won, SNL paid a simple tribute to candidate defeated. McKinnon opened show playing piano with Hallelujah!. "Everything will be okay," he said at end, before I left comedian Dave Chapelle (who has already won his Emmy this year) to drive one of best programs of year, where he, along with Chris Rock, laughed at "white" that looked impossible a victory for republican.

The presidency of Trump, however, he did not come down pace. Around president and his decisions pump almost daily was born a whole series of characters easily parodiables. From Russian president Vladimir Putin Beck Bennett (always controlling and without t-shirt) to adviser Kellyanne Conway of own McKinnon, possibly character's most unhinged of whole collection. There were also Melania Trump (Cecily Strong), sons Eric and Donald Jr., calavérico Steve Bannon (chief strategist at White House) and, of course, spokesman, Sean Spicer, dismissed this summer and that mimicked Melissa McCarthy. New SNL looked out of his cast to create headlines.

"I don't do imitations. I don't have ear, but when I read script I thought, 'Is a character very juicy although I do not know how to do it physically", said actress The wedding of my best friend. But ir interpretation was like a force of nature, rising into a stand. Never more would see Spicer in same way, and that's not liked too much to White House. That was perfect excuse to convert to prosecutor Jeff Sessions, also a woman, with face of McKinnon. McCarthy, though, has already achieved success and won Emmy for guest last week, but for Spicer, this was beginning of end.

Just tried watching Saturday Night Live - unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 4, 2016

SNL had returned to hit m where it hurt. In an era where comedy seems to be more segmented by niches, in which young people forget classic programs, your sketches are back to lead discourse at time that policy is in best interests. Became opposition party. And so did also see president on Twitter: "I've tried to watch Saturday Night Live. It unbearable! Totally partial and nothing funny and imitation of Baldwin may not be worst. Sad." That's just joined. The audience grew and even managed a program in prime-time in summer.

"The season of Sarah Palin we had less pressure. When Tina went out to street, everyone was pleased to see her. With Alec, it sometimes seems that only hope of many. It is a strange place in which to put a comedian," explains Higgins: "I Hope world gets back to normal soon." Even if that were to detriment of humor.


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