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Six actresses denounce tycoon Harvey Weinstein in court

The case points to the maneuvers of the producer and his collaborators to cover up sexual abuses as organized crime and seeks to represent tens and hundreds of women

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Six actresses denounce tycoon Harvey Weinstein in court

Harvey Weinstein scandal is already in court. Six women have sued great Hollywood producer before a federal new York court alleging that ir stratagems and those of ir collaborators to cover up sexual abuse are a criminal organization. Weinstein has been accused by dozens of women of varying degrees of aggression or siege and resulted in a large wave of allegations against harassment.

The complaint, according to Associated Press, argues that a group of companies and people ended up forming a sinister "sex company Weinstein" that collaborated with powerful producer now fallen in disgrace to cover long footprint of his behavior Predator, partially admitted by himself. "The Weinstein Sexual Enterprise had many participants and was growing as obfuscation of Weinstein's behavior was more difficult to conceal," document notes. The complainants, all actresses, expect to represent "tens or hundreds" of victims.

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Famous names such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are part of list of some 70 women who have accused producer, responsible for great successes of American cinema and blacksmith of great artistic careers. The cases have come to light now, although y correspond to different decades, and none have prospered in courts yet. Weinstein is investigated by LAPD, new York and London for alleged assaults.

The New York Times published today a large article in which it tells how product used its powerful network of influences and money to cover its abusive behavior and intimidate women who sought denounce it. The New Yorker had already counted in early November that, in addition, Weinstein came to hire an entire "Army of Spies", which included former agents of Mossad, to cover up ir actions.

The complaint was presented on same day that Time magazine announced choice of movement Me too (I too) against sexual harassment as person of year. Following Weinstein case, United States seems to have started a kind of catharsis about culture of sexual abuse in professional environments. A dozen Democratic legislators-including a minimum of six women-have called for resignation of ir party Senator Al Franken, also accused of harassment.


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