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Six series you can't miss in June

A review of some of the indispensable titles between this month's international fiction

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Six series you can't miss in June


The series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Steven Canals delves into LGTBQ culture of new York City of 1987 through stories of a group of characters whose paths intersect. Blanca Rodríguez decides to fly away from home wing of Elektra Abundance to try to create her own home and host or LGTBQ people. Meanwhile, Damon Richards moves to Big Apple to try to realize his dream of being a dancer after his far reacts violently when he confesses that he is gay. On or hand, a parent who works at Trump Tower comes into contact with a transsexual woman who reveals a new reality.

Why can't you miss it? Disco and eighties music floods this drama that is vindicated by accentuating what makes it different: having greatest transgender distribution ever assembled in a series. The Seal of Ryan Murphy (American Horror story, Feud, American Crime story, Glee) is very present in which will be last series to premiere on American channel FX before moving to create fictions for Netflix.

where and when to see it? HBO Spain premieres The first of eight chapters of series on June 4.


The Roy family owns one of world's largest media and entertainment conglomerates. When patriarch decides to step back and give up control of company, a family quake is unleashed that will bring to light true face of every member of family and people around m. The power, politics, money and family are at center of this drama created by Jesse Armstrong (in Loop), who also wrote pilot chapter led by Adam McKay, winner of Oscar in 2015 for big bet.

Why can't you miss it? Although context is business world of media, Succession also speaks of much closer topics such as ambition, frustration or always complicated family relationships, especially in those clans where re is money and power At stake. It highlights direction and solvent interpretations of cast in this series that looks like HBO stamp, and it shows.

where and when to see it? Its premiere will be next June 4th on HBO Spain.


Plum Kettle (played by Joy Nash) is dedicated to answering letters that readers of a women's magazine send to ir editor (Juliana Margulies). Plum lives obsessed with his image. By different circumstances, he will embark on his way to self-acceptance aided by a sort of fairy godmor who invites her to value good in her. Meanwhile, a radical feminist group that calls herself Jennifer seeks revenge against men who have abused different forms of women, a group with which Plum will be related.

Why can't you miss it? The series adapts homonymous novel of 2015 written by Sarai Walker with which he wanted to criticize industry of beauty and obsession with weight loss with a feminist vision that moves to screen with a fresh and satirical style that uses animation or GR Afismo to break with what you can expect from your staging. Moreover, although its role is secondary, it is return of Juliana Margulies to television after starring Good Wife.

where and when to see it? In Spain, you will be able to see Amazon Prime Video since June 5.


In first season of this British series, former detective Marcella Backland returned to work after separating from her husband. The investigation that follows a serial killer makes Marcella return to work while trying to deal with his family and even psychological problems in a spider web that involves in investigation not only detective, but also his closest circle. In new chapters, Marcella tries to reach roots of his mental blockade while delving into anor macabre investigation.

Why can't you miss it? In first round of chapters highlighted interpretation of Anna Friel as that detective who does not know to what extent he can rely on his own memories and even distrust of herself. Behind this fiction of British channel ITV are Nicola Larder and Hans Rosenfeldt, latter creator of one of great successes of recent Nordic fiction, Swedish-Danish Bron/Broen, with which Marcella shares a way of narrating that is gradually connecting to Different characters seemingly unrelated to each or with main plot.

where and when to see it? Netflix debuts eight chapters of its second season on June 8th.

-The Mystery of hanging Rock

The Mysterious Lady Hester Appleyard is director of a preparatory school for women in Australia. During Valentine's Day celebration of year 1900, a group of three young Mavericks disappeared mysteriously after asking permission to go and explore surroundings. Among m is young heiress Irma Leopold, daughter of an important judge, Marion Quade, and Miranda Reid, who grew up with her four siblings on a farm. His disappearance and mystery surrounding him would alter life in school.

Why can't you miss it? The novel by Joan Lindsay published in 1967 became 1975 in film Picnic at Hanging Rock, a cult film that has influenced films such as Suicide Virgins or series like Leftovers. Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones) plays Lady Appleyard in this series with an dream atmosphere that reinforces mystery surrounding disappearance that gives rise to a plot with a strong presence of women who defy conventions Social issues in an age and a society in which things were not easy for m. Will re be a solution to mystery or will it be unanswered?

where and when to see it? The COSMO Channel premieres series on June 24th.


More women and more eighties. This dramedy follows adventures of Group of women who was part of a television program of female wrestling, GLOW. After having managed to record pilot chapter, women have to get to work to record more episodes, with incorporation of a new member of Latino origin. In addition, both Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) will claim more responsibility within project and recognition y deserve.

Why can't you miss it? The first season was a breath of fresh air. In midst of attack of nostalgia Eighties television that floods us, GLOW was able to go furr to tell stories of women who struggle not only in a ring, but also fight to get ahead in life and to fulfill ir dreams. The series keeps its mix of comedy and drama in second season and reclaims diversity of women in ir cast.

where and when to see it? Netflix premieres new chapters on June 29th.

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