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Some 2,000 art professionals denounce sexual harassment in their sector

Creators, gallery owners, police stations from all over the World Report on a manifest the abuses suffered and argue that they can no longer be ignored or silenced

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Some 2,000 art professionals denounce sexual harassment in their sector
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They're unworthy. But y're not surprised. Because it's been years since 1,600 signatories are witnesses or victims of sexual harassment in art world. So y make it clear in a manifesto, published today on Internet, in which y lament habitual abuses in ir sector and promise to end silence in which y usually end allegations. "We are now demasiadxs to be ignored," says letter, with a formula that employs each time it refers to signatories. That is, "Artistxs, Administrators, Asistentxs, Becarixs, Curadorxs, Directorxs, Escritorxs, Editorxs, Educadorxs, Estudiantxs, Galeristxs, and ors workers of world of art Yhemos been Manoseadxs, DEBILITADXS, Acosadxs, INFANTILIZADXS, DESPRECIADXS , Amenazadxs and INTIMIDADXS by those in positions of power and control access to resources and opportunities, as read in text.

The letter is signed by such prestigious names as Cindy Sherman, Helen Marten, Coco Fusco, Laurie Anderson, Jenny Holzer, Tania Bruguera or Cristina Garrido. And adds a new voice to river of allegations emerged after scandal of Harvey Weinstein was uncovered three weeks ago, almighty producer and distributor of Hollywood accused of sexual abuse by dozens of actresses, employees and collaborators. Since n, more women have found courage to relate harassment suffered in ir careers while hurricane has expanded far beyond world of cinema. The manifesto now adds hundreds of artists, curators or gallery owners, who trust that ir missive serves to generate more debates and a contagion effect that will lead more women to react.

"We are not surprised that curators offer us exhibitions in exchange for sexual favors." We are not surprised that some gallery owners Idealicen, minimize and hide abusive behavior of artists y represent. We are not surprised that a meeting with a collector or a patron potential will become a sexual proposition. We are not surprised that retaliation is being taken against us when we do not adjust to ir demands. We are not surprised that Knight Landesman [powerful Exdirector of magazine Artforum, who resigned last Wednesday after being accused of abuses by nine women] we got nose in an art fair while he promises to help us in our career, asserts second Paragraph of document.

Enlarge photo Knight Landesman, accused by manifesto, last March 2 in new York. Gonzalo Marroquin Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

Although missive denounces many more aspects of problem: only feminism of facade of "many individuals with power in world of art", treatments "unequal and inappropriate", " recrimination that entails to speak", constant attempt to offer advances Professionals in exchange for sexual favors and immobilism with which many institutions have tolerated abuses, according to signatories. The document is closed with a definition of sexual harassment.

"We will not ignore patronizing remarks, stubborn hands on our bodies, threats and intimidation veiled as flirting or silence of ambitious colleagues." We will not tolerate being embarrassed or put in doubt, he adds. The manifesto emerged from a series of conversations between professional women in art world through Whatsapp Instant Messaging application, as explained by several of m to British newspaper Guardian. There y began to share suffered harassment and discuss best way to move to action, until y agreed letter.


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