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Stanley G. Payne wins the Prize Espasa deconstructing myths and legends of Spain

The verdict of the jury celebrates the text's provocative the Spanish american

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Stanley G. Payne wins the Prize Espasa deconstructing myths and legends of Spain

verdict of The jury held text provoking Spanish to american

The work In defense of Spain: deconstructing myths and legends black, hispanic studies american Stanley G. Payne, has been awarded premio Espasa 2017, according to decision of jury made public today, that has been recognized as a "text provocateur" in which author challenges myths of History of Spain. The jury, presided by Pedro García Borehole, and integrated in addition by Nativel Preciado, Leopoldo Abadía, Fernando Trias de Bes, and Pilar Cortés, has stressed that winner "challenge myths of History of Spain from point of view of center and a very personal one that reopens historical debate".

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Stanley G. Payne is professor emeritus of History at University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has published about twenty books on history of Spain and Europe today. Why Republic lost war?, Franco. Biography personal and political, and The way 18 of July are some of more recent works of this hispanist who is a member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences and corresponding RR. AA. of History and Moral and Political Sciences of Spain. He has received Grand Cross of Order of Isabel Catholic, and is Doctor Honoris Causa by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

The scholar has been accused in recent years of revisionism with regard to franco regime. “The insurrection and Civil War were provoked deliberately by left, and would have taken place also with participation of Franco or without it,” according to Payne and Jesus Palacios, in memoirs of Carmen Franco, titled Frank, my far. “It should be borne in mind that it was Popular Front, and not Frank, that created conditions of civil war by making an arbitrary use of power in 1936”, add.The text, which employed documentation of archive of Fundación Francisco Franco, defends in addition to Franco “could be regarded as not only ruler single most powerful in history of Spain, but also modernizer final of your country and leader who achieved most success of all aspirants to ‘dictatorships of development’ in TWENTIETH century”.

In book with which he has won Espasa, Stanley G. Payne gives a personal tour and innovative by History of Spain, discussing some of most controversial issues of his past. Its wide relationship with Spain, from fifties until present, will provide a unique insight and different which makes this book a unique work, explains publisher in a statement. To XXXIV edition of Premio Espasa, endowed with 30,000 euros, have been presented original in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Colombia, united States and Thailand.

In book, G. Payne highlights how History of Spain is of unusual richness, and considers that re is no or that is so vivid in its images, or more abundant in concepts, myths and legends that have formed from it. In opinion of Spanish, of all western countries, History of Spain it is most exotic and also most extensive, both chronologically and geographically.

After learning of award, Stanley G. Payne has been very grateful to jury for this prestigious award: "I have worked as a historian for over sixty years, primarily in History of Spain, and is a cause of great satisfaction and gratitude to see this work crowned" with this recognition. The hispanist has explained that book, which will be published on 17th of October, attempts to present "an interpretation of most important aspects of history of country, a grain of sand in great sea that is vast bibliography on history of Spain".

Angela Rodicio with The brides of Jihad, was winner of last year, while in previous editions have been recognized with Award Espasa authors such as Luis Rojas Marcos, Javier Tusell, Fernando Arrabal, Jon Juaristi, or Manuel Cruz.


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