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' Star Wars ': A galaxy full of anecdotes

We review some of the curiosities surrounding the 40 years of the ' Star Wars ' Saga, from episode IV to ' The Last Jedi '

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' Star Wars ': A galaxy full of anecdotes
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Four decades, eight movies, hundreds of actors and sequences. The Star Wars Saga celebrates 40 years that have generated millionaire collections, unconditional love of fans and so many anecdotes to fill entire books. Here we review some of best known.

The Glory of ice cream

Willrow Hood is nobody. Even less in front of an entire galaxy, full of heroes and legends. He plays an extra, and he barely shows up for a few seconds in Star Wars saga. He was enough, however, to win love of fans. When it flees during evacuation of Cloud City, in Empire Strikes Back, man carries an object that should be a precious file full of contacts of rebels, at least according to ample ories arisen over years. But truth is, in practice, it looks a lot more like an ice cream machine. Hence followers know him as "uncle of ice cream" or "ice" of saga. And even sell dolls of his character.

Willrow Hood, in a frame of ' The Empire Strikes Back. '

Surprising is also fame with which character of Boba Fett counts. The best known bounty hunter in Galaxy barely talks in movies. "What if he doesn't survive," he says, on one occasion. and little else. However, re are fan clubs, it is one of best selling toys of saga and Disney even poses a film focused only on his character. Jeremy Bulloch, who played it in original trilogy, told this newspaper years ago anor anecdote: when he knocked out Darth Vader himself. "Luckily we weren't filming yet. I tripped, he fell down and right after I did same, "remembered actor.

Boba Fett, in a frame. To war, in slippers and shaved

Star Wars has always been a visual spectacle. Special effects, explosions, galactic persecution. His plot, however, moves in familiar. And very homemade are also some of arrangements that appeared in various shootings. Peter Cushing, for example, couldn't stand boots his character, cruel Moff Tarkin, wore. Therefore, he replaced m with slippers at home. At end of day, he held, re was no need to film his feet. No one would notice eir at bottom of a hangar, George Lucas must have thought. So he used some cutouts of cardboard to recreate more starships that filled room. In order to move enormous puppet of Jabba Hutt, instead, seven employees were needed every time. And sound emitted by Imperial TIE fighters comes from peculiar mixture of a car's noise on a wet road and elephant sweeps.

The considerable increase in budget for second trilogy did not eliminate improvised remedies, such as transmitter with which Qui-Gon Jinn communicates in The Phantom Menace. Perhaps Jedi will use force to send ir messages, as y actually speak to a female razor blade for Gille Sensor Excel. In same film, by way, re is a peculiar cameo: in Galactic Senate foresee three creatures of same race of E.T., Asogianos.

Enlarge photo The ' Phantom Menace ' frame where ' Asogianos ' appear. Parallel universes

Hundreds of script versions and 40 years of Saga Dan for many modifications. Luke was going to called Starkiller, Harrison Ford asked that Han Solo die in original trilogy and Poe Damen would have to be killed by Kylo Ren shortly after his appearance on screen. Famous for fans is reason for creation of Ewoks: At first, it was anticipated that moon of Endor, which is set part of final battle of Return of Jedi, was inhabited by Wookiees, race of Chewbacca. But Lucas wanted some simple primitive creatures, and Han Solo's best friend had already shown at that point to be able to drive a spacecraft, play chess or fix mechanical spoils. So solution was little bears that some adore and ors hate. And to know what would have seemed to public original version of Yoda: It was conceived like a monkey with a mask, which also carried a dog. Finally, it was decided by doll that today is an icon. And whose gaze is inspired by that of Albert Einstein: His designers sought something that represented wisdom.

Enlarge photo Yoda, on shoulders of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), in a frame of ' The Empire Strikes Back '.

Different would have been saga also with each of actors who could be and finally stayed out, for his rejection or not to pass casting. The list is long: Sylvester Stallone, Jodie Foster, Joaquin Phoenix, Cindy Williams, Al Pacino ("I didn't understand script"), Leonardo DiCaprio, Gary Oldman, Christopher Lee, Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, Orson Welles, Tupak Shakur, Eddie Redmayne and even Michael Jackson, Who wanted to play jar-jar-Binks "with prossis and make-up to thriller", according to Luke's own revealed Ahmed Best, actor who finally put a voice to character, created by computer.

The Great Galactic Family

Thousands of people would pay to appear in Star Wars, even if it was a second. Among those who have succeeded, re are several family members of team. The children of George Lucas, Katie, Amanda and Jett, are respectively seen dancing in attack of Clones, as extra and in skin of a young Padawan. Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, counts among her roles as an actress also that of Lieutenant Connix of Force Awakening. and Denis Stamper Lawson came forward to his most famous relative: he plays Wedge Antilles, Luke's partner in original trilogy. Years later, his nephew, Ewan McGregor, assumed role of young Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Enlarge photo Denis Lawson, in skin of Wedge Antilles, in original saga.

Some of stars of last deliveries, instead, hid ir families that had touched m fat cinematographer. John Boyega did not even warn his parents that he had participated in casting: he told m that it would be Finn in new saga only when it was officially confirmed. Kelly Marie Tran, who debuted in last Jedi, came to lie to m. He said he was shooting an indie movie in Canada and, as evidence, one day he took back his parents maple syrup.

Daisy Ridley chose opposite path: he took his far to filming on remote Irish island of Skellig Michael. The plan of day foresaw filming encounter between his character, King, and Luke Skywalker himself. So re was also Mark Hamill, actor who gives life to Jedi Master. Apparently Riley's far approached him before y filmed. And he asked, "Excuse me, who do you play?"


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