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Stefan Zweig Naked

The Literaturarchiv Salzburg launches a website where you can dive for the first time in the personal legacy of the Austrian author

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Stefan Zweig Naked

92-Sheet Ring binder, 30x20 cm, freshly cut grass covers, acquired in a private purchase at Christie's in London in 2014 in a lot with or manuscripts by Stefan Zweig for a high sum of six figures. When newcomer researcher manages for an instant to raise his head after browsing fascinated original draft of world yesterday meets complicit gaze of Lina Maria Zangerl.

"In manuscript of Montaigne we discovered a mosquito," says archivist of Literaturarchiv Salzburg. Stefan Zweig bought notebook in Petrópolis: It seems to us a silent witness of last weeks of Zweig living in exile and path of notebook back to Europe as part of literary heritage that retained his editor Atrium Press until he came to Us.

Now that Brazilian mosquito, original books of Montaigne and world of yesterday and up to more than 280 manuscripts of Stefan Zweig can be browsed and browsed on Web Stefanzweig. Digital that just launched Salzburg Literaturarchiv after several years of work in his Digitization. Among m, stellar moments of humanity, biographies of Balzac, Marie-Antoinette and Magellan, plays of Teatro Tersites and Adam Lux and posthumous accounts Clarissa and girl of Post office. This colossal project aspires to become a platform on Internet that connects all files of Stefan Zweig in world. At moment it records material that retains literary archive of Salzburg and library Daniel A. Reed of University of new York in Fredonia.

In manuscript of Montaigne not only mosquitoes speak. It was last biography in which he worked Zweig shortly before his death and on margins he wrote annotations that can be read as a footnote to his own suicide: "How can I not fall prisoner of this world of madness, of which I have no power to relieve myself and of Qu E can't escape? How can I save age of majority and humanity in myself? How can I not despair? "

A handwritten sheet of Stefan Zweig.

In notebook of yesterday's world where Zweig wrote his memoirs Speaks Violet Ink. Zangerl draws a biography of writer with physicality of manuscripts:

– You can learn a lot from Stefan Zweig's work, his personality and his life by observing tangible details of original notebooks. For example, during his happy years in Salzburg he always wrote with Violet Ink. In his American exile he was not able to find it and had to write with current blue ink.

The Web facilitates matic research routes that starts with series on Marie-Antoinette. Along with original August 1932, we show proofs of correction, sketches, work notes and even contract form for translations: Stefan Zweig's creative process to naked. It also gars virtually fragments of same work that had been scattered after death of Zweig, as praise to Sigmund Freud Worte am Sarge Sigmund Freuds.

The Zweig Library

Stefan Zweig lived 15 years on Kapuzinerberg Hill in Salzburg. There he became most translated writer in World at same time as Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Max Reinhardt marginalized him from local artistic life because y despised his scripts. The literary archive of Salzburg is located in Residenzplatz: right in same square where today is allowed access to creative universe of Zweig to anyone who has internet connection, Nazis made in 1938 a bonfire with ir books.

– Salzburg was a very brown city – recalls Klemens Renoldner, director of Stefan Zweig Centre, also in Salzburg, inaugurated in 2008 to spread writer's legacy. It refers to Nazi uniform. Nazism was very fast. Anti-Semitism came from old. He was exiled at right time, although he was also moved by family reasons.

Zweig left Austria in 1934 when police searched his house with excuse of seeking weapons. Furious with political and sad drift in a failed marriage, Zweig left it all, his wife and his two noisy daughters fruit of a previous marriage that bored him so much when he worked, his beautiful house, his library Borgia. The Austrian writer, who loved dogs and not cats, coffee and not tea, was an insatiable bibliophile. He bought books in Vienna and Salzburg and did not fail to do so during his exile in London, Bath, Petrópolis. The website has also indexed more than 1,300 titles of its personal library, which are now scattered around world among its heirs in London and several public and private collections, and exhibits catalogued even with dedications, ex libris and clarifying if There are underlines and personal annotations: a first-hand source, almost voyeristas, to know what he read and what sources he used Zweig to write his own works.

One can read baptism of ink that Zweig dedicated to an extremely rare specimen of Une saison in Enfèr of Arthur Rimbaud ("The complete edition, except seven specimens, was destroyed by author himself. This is one of existing "). The books of Joseph Roth reveal tender words of his old friend Grumpy and fortified ("Stefan Zweig, to whom I owe job — and more than job and much more than any book can mean —..."). One can even follow trail to destiny and current location of books that Zweig had of Rilke, before whose tomb Zweig pronounced funeral prayer in 1927.

In 1942 when Europe was, in words of Joseph Roth, a corpse that had committed suicide, Stefan Zweig and his second wife Lotte Altman took ir lives. One day earlier he had sent his different editors scattered around world chess novel. The manuscript of that story is also open on Web channel.


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