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Stephen Colbert, the comedian who took his own mask against Trump

The presenter of the Emmy has managed to become the king of late-night thanks to the political humor

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Stephen Colbert, the comedian who took his own mask against Trump

The real Stephen Colbert (Washington, D. C., 1964) is someone atypical on television. You can recite both psalms of Bible passages of Lord of The Rings. Even faced Peter Jackson's live to see who knew more of Tolkien ( director ended up inviting him to The Hobbit with his family). It is an intellectual seemingly quiet and shy and, at same time, a force of nature, a lover of surrealism and visual humour. "In fact he is a trekkie playing dungeons & Dragons", once described his boss Jon Stewart. 

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But look of a good catholic does not mean that Colbert, of 53 years, remain silent in face of what is happening in united STATES. On contrary. The voice of his monologue, full of blasphemies against president who would not accept ir teachers, has become most effective weapon against Trump, which finally has made it find your audience and get out of shadow of character to which lampooned for over a decade.

The presenter shares a data biographical with rimbonbante presenter of right who became a star. The master of ceremonies of Emmy this Sunday grew up as youngest of 11 siblings in a family ultracatólica irish in Charleston (city, South Carolina that hit headlines in 2015 by a shootout in a church is african american, which left nine dead and led to State to decide to remove flags confederate). Today, as an adult, Colbert (pronounced with T silent as in French to give "greater pretenciosidad") does not hide his face of good child, far of a family and a believer, you serve as your space to share experiences ecclesiastical with Caroline Kennedy or to have an interesting live debate in front of comedian and aist Ricky Gervais.

But program dawn of Colbert, who fled from start of games of his competitor, Jimmy Fallon, was not a hit of night to morning. In previous ceremony of Emmy, even when re was talk of cancellation, no one would have predicted that comic would be today king of audience of late night. No one could have predicted nor, of course, that Trump would end up in White House. Without his outbursts almost daily, Colbert today would not have a Late Show or be star of CBS trust today to drive awards of television. The audience would have followed betting by good vibes of Fallon and colegueo with stars before going to sleep. Something that replacement of David Letterman never felt comfortable.

So comfortable it feels now student of The Daily Show with his political opposition even though Federal Communications Commission decided to investigate in may for uttering expressions classified as "obscene", y panic: "The one thing that serves your mouth is to hold cock of Putin", exclaimed Colbert in one of his openings against Trump. The tone of monologue almost single-minded is already today find swear words covered by usual beep. "Fuck you," responded presenter with simplicity, for example, tweet of commander-in-chief with this claimed would veto transgender individuals entering army. "I have jokes. He, codes nuclear. It is a fair fight", he argued Colbert while celebrating insults against it's own Trump.

The moment where your life changed it was very night that tycoon was surprise. That fateful day, November 8, he had been commissioned to present a special election in cable. It was night of breaking ceilings of crystals. And yet, moment that no one had expected, was increasingly near. Spent 11 night and executive producer Chris Licht, recalls in The New York Times, gave his best advice to Colbert: "Stop being funny and be yourself". That was moment in which he found his voice.

After almost a decade of getting a daily on skin of an exaggerated look at The Colbert Report (re were viewers who believed that this was his true self), he realized that he could take off mask. It would not always be fun, but sincere and mature. His final speech that traumatic night made it clear: "in Front of something that may seem terrifying, laughter is best medicine. You can't laugh and be afraid at same time. And devil does not like mockery". He was not son of Letterman or Jon Stewart, but to those who were expecting americans. Their monologues will respond each night to news pumps minutes after that happened. There was No time for rest. It was all rewrite around this White House reality show.

But Colbert takes improvisation in blood. In that world, in school Second City in Chicago, grew up next to Chris Farley, Steve Carell or Amy Sedaris. There was formed to be funny, something that I had never thought of, and, from its stage went on to become one of scriptwriters recurring sketches programmes more revolutionary. Wher in ir own Exit 57 (toger with his friend Paul Dinello, today, still watching behind cameras), in surreal and ephemeral program of worship of Dana Carvey or guionizando drawings more wacky SNL (Their most popular characters: a couple of superheroes known as Duo ambiguously gay).

Those jobs, but short, continued, helped him to enter as one of first correspondents politicians of false informative, The Daily Show, presented n by Craig Killborn and that was not long in giving it over to Jon Stewart, and a version more cynical format. Was presidency of George W. Bush n that gave wings to his speech. Colbert soon became perfect imitation of palm of republicans on Fox News, Bill O'reilly. Comedy Central just would like more of his character. It was first life of Colbert.

After years making a cartoon has been, however, his sincerity has helped to confirm its success in this second stage, already in open. Today is star of CBS, which until a year ago he was worried about his future. Thanks to him (and Trump) Late Show has reached levels of hearing unreleased since 1995, when Letterman began his journey. Something similar to what has happened with veteran Saturday Night Live. And highlight this time not arrived for a controversial interview about prostitution with Hugh Grant, but when, last July moved to Russia his program for a whole week. There will come a time that this will end up, but for moment, Colbert is king of beats.


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