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Story-Flavored Squares

Gökhan Tiryaki, the award-winning cinematographer of films such as Winter Sleep, Butterfly's dream, Ivy, has met with the artists ' Cinerama ', the first solo exhibition of 30 Fotoğaraf. Tiryon, ' We exhibited the squares I took with the story of writing. These are cinematic panoramas, ' he says.

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Story-Flavored Squares

Golden Palm Winter Sleep, Turkey's Oscar nominee Butterfly's dream, great appreciation of audience, sour apples, people of grandfar, desolate man, award-winning cinematographer of Cosmos and Nice film director Gökhan Tiryaki this time. Tiryaki's first personal photograph exhibition ' Cinerama ' met with art lovers.

Reminds me of my films

The exhibition, held in Uniq Istanbul, consists of 30 photographs of Gökhan Tiryaki, which took place in all four corners of Turkey between 2005-2015 years. The artist took most part of photos in exhibition from filming of different films. The successful director says that photograph has been in life of a long time before cinema, in childhood: "Since I was a kid, photograph was always in my iife. I got into cinema and new curiosity, and I always postponed. In years I started as a director of photography, we were going to different venues to film. At same time, I started my own photo shoot with parts of pictures affecting cinema. I wanted to get a picture of sets, films reminding. I had a panorama planned for cinematic stop. I wanted to make a association with ' Cinerama ' through cinematic panorama. "


I'm Director

Some of squares were recorded during filming of film, indicating that some of m were in exhibit with ir own traces, "These are photos I took with sense of writing a story. I think I have same feeling in se pictures if I've caught feeling in those movies, "he says. The artist, motion picture and difference of photograph, "These are what I want to say, films I work, directors wanted to say. I'm just trying to do my best. The director of se sums it up with my words. The Cinerama exhibition at Uniq Hall can be visited until October 31st. Let's remind you; Tiryaki was chosen as best cinematographer with "something useful" at Adana Film Festival this year.


Places beautiful with people

"Places are beautiful with people," Gökhan Tiryaki said, "If you're going on a long road and you don't want someone with you, that's not way. Who are you with? You go to a great place, but who do you share it with? Do you talk to him or do you have any communication? Can't? It could be opposite, you're in a terrible place, but you have a friend. You must be sharing a lot. There'll be a place for you to remember for years. That's what I'm saying. "


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