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' Stranger things 2 ' faced with the challenge of maintaining the nostalgic phenomenon

Netflix launches second season of the series that honors the cinema of the Eighties

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' Stranger things 2 ' faced with the challenge of maintaining the nostalgic phenomenon
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It has been a year since Demogorgon planted terror in Hawkins, and gang of kids who managed to neutralize him to rescue his friend from alternative dimension known as world of setback continues to try to cope with consequences of what happened. But a new threat looms over m, and it seems to be even more frightening. It is starting point of stranger things 2, expected return of original Netflix series that became television revelation of summer of 2016.

"Each one tries to move forward in his own way, and we will see true personality behind those endearing teenagers." It's going to be a much darker season, "progresses Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, and who receives country in London with two of his cast partners, Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Noah Schnapp (Will). It is little that y can reveal because, after success achieved, secrecy surrounding production and security measures to avoid leaks have intensified. Also pressure of team to meet expectations that left very high.

Anor of novelties of this new release, which consists of nine episodes and that Netflix premieres worldwide today Friday October 27th — very opportunely, just before Halloween — is that Schnapp will have many more minutes on screen; Much of plot revolves around it, because its character is still connected to that or dimension through a series of sinister visions. "It shows how world of backhand has changed to Will." A lot of things will happen in second season, ' confirms actor. "I'm glad we're going to see more of him, I was very annoyed that, although series was about Will Byers, last year people did not pay too much attention to his character," says Matarazzo.

stranger things has become a real cultural phenomenon, to point that one of most desirable garments of last Louis Vuitton parade was a T-shirt with a poster of series. Their protagonists became superstars overnight; Especially actress Millie Bobby Brown (who plays eleven, of whom boys only succeed to say that "will be"), which is now even image of Calvin Klein. But y are not left behind, although, with an improper maturity of ir 15 years, Gaten rejects term: "We are not superstars, only people doing our work, and that work implies being more exposed to public than ors." It also involves rapping in Golden Globes, dancing in Emmys, winning a SAG Award, appearing in a videoclip of Katy Perry or meeting President Obama, who invited m to White House a year ago. "That was really cool!" exclaim three in unison. "He's a fan of show." He said he really liked how band of kids had stayed toger until he found his friend, recalls McLaughlin.

In social networks followers of stranger things are counted by millions and, in addition to promoting ir work or maintaining a more direct relationship with ir fans, use m to promote positive values: y have been involved in campaigns against bullying and Caleb, for example, frequently uses hashtag EmbraceYourFace (translatable as "accepts your Face"), with which he encourages ors to feel at ease in his own skin. "Try to love oneself." It occurred to me one day that I had some kind of rash on my face. "Instead of hiding, I decided to go live and I used that hashtag," he explains.

The creators of series, Duffer brors, deliberately converted a group of nerds into heroes of ir history, and actors, who are as friends inside and out of set, identify with message: "We want to teach or kids to be different" Cool. "

Fans of cinema of Eighty

Created by Duffer brors as a love statement to adventures and science fiction films of 1980s, and set in that decade, stranger things appeals to nostalgia of a generation of spectators who grew up with E.T. or The Goonies. But children protagonists, all born after year 2000, have also connected with that time. "Our parents were kids n and we always ask m when we have doubts." "Music and movies were great, and y didn't have to worry about ir phones," says Noah Schnapp. Gaten Matarazzo adds, "I've seen all classics, counting on Me, The Goonies ... even before I was in stranger things." I think those films connected emotionally with public much more, y were not just entertaining with explosions, bombs and much CGI.


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