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‘Stranger Things’ y ‘Westworld’ arrancan su duelo hacia los Emmy

The documentary 13th of Anna du Vernay, triumphed in Emmys technicians. Netflix is set to the height of HBO in number of awards

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‘Stranger Things’ y ‘Westworld’ arrancan su duelo hacia los Emmy

The documentary 13th of Anna du Vernay, triumphed in Emmys technicians. Netflix is set to height of HBO in number of awards

The absence this year of a Game of Thrones, which is not qualified for Emmy for a matter of dates, has become category of drama in an exciting duel in which y compete up to five new series with possibilities: The Crown, Westworld, Stranger Things, The Handmaid's Tale and This is us. Awards in technical awarded this past weekend, Westworld and Stranger Things were five each, and made it clear that y are favorites to share everything that Game of Thrones has left temporarily on table. The award for best production design for The Crown can indicate that it is third in discord. Remember that series about queen Elizabeth of England has already defeated or two (and Game of Thrones) in Golden Globes, past month of January.

The battle between Westworld and Stranger Things is also spearhead of a duel more in general, between HBO and Netflix. The platform for internet has been put to side of giant of cable television this year. Last year, HBO had 94 nominations, and Netflix was second with 54. This year, HBO has 111 and Netflix 91. After a huge bet from Netflix's own content, spending 6,000 millions of dollars a year in series and new movies, you will rub elbows with big Hollywood studios. With prizes on Saturday and Sunday, HBO leads 19 and Netflix 16. To get an idea of hegemony of se two firms, next is NBC with 9 awards (and 5 of m are from Saturday Night Live, not series).

Only re was a political point in two nights of ceremony. The head of casting of Stranger Things, Carmen Cuba, stated that he was particularly proud to collect award as “north american first-generation daughter of an immigrant peruvian”. What was said in context of Government's decision of Donald Trump to end a program that protected m from deportation to undocumented immigrants brought here by ir parents when y were minors. Cuba asked for “stay toger and fight for protection and acceptance of our neighbors.”

Especially interesting this year was documentary category. The big winner is 13th, history of oppression of african americans in united States from slavery, told by Anna du Vernay for Netflix. The documentary took home four awards, and left it to OJ: Made in America, and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week with two awards each (although extraordinary documentary from ESPN about OJ Simpson took best direction and best editing).

Veep, flag of HBO in genre of comedy, he won awards for best casting, production design and photography for a series of half-hour single-camera. Master of none, revelation of Aziz Anzari on Netflix, won an award at assembly. Sunday is play with Atlanta (who won Golden Globe), and classic Modern Family and Silicon Valley.

Big Little Lies is confirmed as one of series most detailed of year, with prizes to costumes, to supervision of music (selection of songs) and casting, that collection of women that you want to know everything. On Sunday, Big Little Lies will play position of short series of year with The Night Of, anor casting monumental, with John Turturro and Riz Ahmed, who took home four awards. A happens in a prison, or in mansions open to Pacific on coast of California, and two are just as suffocating. And also are Fargo, Feud: Bette and Joan (with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon making megadivas Bette Davis and Joan Crawford) and Genius ( series of National Geographic Albert Einstein). In categories of best performers invited in a drama went to Alexis Bledel (The Handmaid's Tale and Gerald McRaney (This is us).

Alexis Bledel poses with her Emmy for Best guest actress (for 'The Handmaid's Tale'). Richard Shotwell, AP

A particularly celebrated of se Emmys under it was prize for best guest actress in a comedy programme for Melissa McCarthy. Your imitation hurricane-whipped Sean Spicer, exportavoz White House to Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live has been a feeling, at same level as imitation of president that makes Alec Baldwin. The Spicer of McCarthy, with hair rolled, frowning and shouting enraged journalists is one of images on tv of year in united States, justly rewarded. In category of guest actor in a comedy winner was Dave Chapelle for his participation in Saturday Night Live in first program that was issued after election of Trump.

In total, Saturday Night Live, variety show revived thanks to political moment of united States, took five awards. Besides, best special varieties was Carpool Karaokede James Corden and best direction of a special program of varieties went to Glenn Weiss for realization of Oscars. Yes, those. Weiss is director of gala of Tony and own Emmy, next Sunday.


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