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Sultan 2. Important development of Abdulhamid's legacy

Sultan 2. The heritage case of Abdülhamid's 7,000 756 deed registration was decided to calculate the amount incurred by the expert on the shares of approximately 100 shareholders.

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Sultan 2. Important development of Abdulhamid's legacy

34th Ottoman Sultan II. In a heritage case consisting of a full 7,000 756 immovable deed record of abdülhamid, Tribunal has decided to calculate amount (shares) of estimated 100 shareholders ' share by expert, so far. The court filed a complaint against prosecution to determine if some of inheritance documents presented to file were forged.

The trial of previous day at Istanbul Magistrate's Law court was Sultan II. Lawyers from Abdülhamid's grandchildren attended.

The court has decided to send file back to experts, who have determined to be heirs of Abdülhamid so far according to demands of party lawyers.

100 beneficiary's share will be calculated


The court wanted to determine how much shareholders ' share of 100 heir was determined in interim decision. According to Sabah newspaper, expert, Sultan II. Relative to Abdülhamid, he will investigate how much y can take from all assets.

  • According to Abdülhamid, shareholders will be able to take a share of Abdülhamid's possessions in growing or shrinking proportions. After determination of expert job, court will decide how much shareholders have a share.

With verdict of court, heirs may request inheritance of Abdülhamid by contacting state.


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