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' Survivors ' or how to treat viewers as sheep

Mediaset, unfolds at the last minute the final of the reality in two days and rechanges the grill to counterattack to Antena 3, which moved by day the Cathedral of the Sea

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' Survivors ' or how to treat viewers as sheep

"You're going to live a special week," Telecinco announced last night in his Twitter account to viewers about final of this week's survivors. And so special. On weekend, Mediaset announced that latest reality show would be on Wednesday. He changed his grill to accommodate grand finale and also adapted to beginning of football World Cup in Russia, which begins on Thursday and Spain debuts on Friday. The series The truth went from Monday to Tuesday. On Monday re was a special delivery of survivors (in a program bland with little content with Chicha even for those who regularly follows program). It had also been announced that on Thursday was talent show Factor X to leave Friday for match of selection. All understandable to some extent because of extraordinary that is retransmission of a global, but...

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After se announcements, Antena 3, in anor exercise of little respect to spectator like that of its competitor, changed day its series Cadral of sea from Wednesday to Thursday. They did not want to coincide with Survivors ' final (which is having one of ir best editions in what audience it refers to) and lose more spectators by way ( fight between two chains with Fariña, Cadral of sea and survivors comes for a couple of months).

And this Week "special", The Monday Night Telecinco (by law has to warn of changes in ir grill three days in advance) announced at last moment that unfolded final in two parts, putting program on Thursday , and keeping on Wednesday. And after that, yes, y have guessed, Antena 3 removed series on Thursday and will not issue chapter this week. The spectators of both chains, enchanted... And n re are those who deny that platforms like Netflix or HBO, reliable in what y offer and how y offer it, are staying with part of audience of prime time...

With everything counted above, reader can make his own idea of why all this is a scam to spectator. It is hardly necessary to explain much more. The usual spectator of survivors all of this will even give him same, including same and he had not heard of all se changes. As reality has occupied so many hours and nights in chain, it will seem normal. But business is business and once again, it doesn't matter how dizzy spectator. Mediaset is a private company, you can do whatever you want with your programming, of course, but feeling that we are left to spectators to be some dumb sheep does not take away from anyone. These movements are common in our television. And we hardly complain.

ÚLTIMAHORA you're going to live a special week


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