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Syrian □ m d zesi visits children of zeugma

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Syrian □ m d zesi visits children of zeugma

B&government;y&result;k □ City Municipality b&Ansar Community Center lie in that generation'I G at E D push&stage;50 Syrian ren and T&government;rk &no children, visiting M&as a result, zedeki mosaics examined individually.   Ansar Community Centre m&as a result Health History r&a righteous lie that valuable research supporting: kg&cancer, z, AA correspondent, collected BA D D D L R no social cohesion supporting children in scope of project: m &as a result y specific Q&A type, he said.   n N H As S H D L but no T&as a result, valuable research and supporting Turkish and Syrian children: increase in source D was t h □ a voicing of flour no □ kg and treatment;z "thanks to project children H M H z valuable research for first time, mosaic m&as a result, sound g&rme treatment entry name entry or entry way. We have had similar events in project scope mounting □ tu. Al this valuable research □ of □ D art D D M H z signal trial Q&As a result, rd&Real Madrid very collected trace. This valuable internal research shows that children in future H M z H G&As a result, be collected at D n d, we want a special moment." supporting topic: tu.   Syrian Aleppo with his family of 4 children ago Regat D L y valuable research Ozone'ten Gaziantep'e came ini collected, stating "I'm coming here for first time. Mosaics &more it is collected to be ok. T&as a result, mla rk S H d back in g&z H M H Real Madrid was a special moment. T&as a result, Turkey'no current kt to support us ye □ of □ of □ S te D to OLS internal&Real Madrid r I." he said.   Aleppo'3 y ago at age of ten from Merve D L mosaic M&A as a result, his voice more televisions ago g&stage Rd&as a result, D&government;n&Real Madrid, by expressing "Bug&Real Madrid T n here&as a result, mla rk S H D I came back for first time. D raz Allah people who support us." □ subject entry in form of touch.   Gaziantep Joseph Arca, mosaic m&I collected what came was happy to lie in internal internal ARROW □ reputation of Syrian d d d s here a good time with in back&internal noted. ini confiscated collected.


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