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Syrian mother and daughter's murder suspect is being shipped to court

A 22-year-old journalist, Halla Barakat, was killed by Syrian opposition activist Orouba Baratat, who was stabbed to death at their home in Uskudar...

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Syrian mother and daughter's murder suspect is being shipped to court
Syrian mor and daughter's murder suspect was sent to courthouse DHA Life News Introduction Date: 6.10.2017 17:02 Date of renovation: 6.10.2017 17:11, a 22-year-old journalist with Syrian opposition activist Orouba Baratat, who was stabbed to death in his home in Uskudar. The DNA obtained from blood samples taken from Ahmet Baratat, suspected of Alla Baradat's murder, matched samples taken from fingernails of Orouba Barakat. On or hand, Unsub's suspect was attended by mor daughter's funerals, and that evening, Orouba Baratat's bror's house appeared to be guests. The unsub didn't accept allegations of murder, "those who threatened him from internet killed him. I did not kill, "he said.

By not accepting charges, "those who threatened him because of Syria killed him." murderer of Syrian national Mor daughter, who was killed in her home in Uskudar, was detained in Bursa, Ahmet Baratat. The questioning of suspect brought to Directorate of Public Security in Istanbul was held in Office of Homicide. Seven days in police custody of suspect's testimony on incident was taken. In his testimony to police, suspect said he had no interest in murder of Orouba Baratat and his daughter, Halla Barkat. "I was unemployed" when unsub found out that he was working alongside mor a while later, explaining that she was leaving. He said he wanted to help me by calling. I came to Istanbul, went to ir house. I didn't open door, so I went to Uskudar beach and slept in morning. Without opening door again, I returned to Bursa, "he said.

samples examined by criminal examination positive output Meanwhile, in criminal Police lab, in case of investigation, tissue samples of clerk from Orouba Barakat's fingernails were matched with samples taken from Ahmet Baratat, held in custody. The DNA profile obtained from blood samples received from Ahmet Baratat was stated as "positive" in report. Thus, testimony of Ahmet Baratat, who said that he did not enter house was also a lie emerged.

He spent night at funeral . On or hand, investigation into incident revealed that suspect Ahmet Baratat attended funerals of mor daughter. "I did not attend funeral prayer," said Ahmet Barakat, who attended funeral in testimony of polystyrene. I've expressed my condolences to Bror Maen Barkat. I watched funeral from afar, "he said. On or hand, suspect was found to be a guest at House of bror of Orouba Baratat, who was killed that night.

different clos from house where murder was committed On or hand, investigation into incident on September 19, 23.41 at time of suspect who entered house, on September 20 at 11.41, when he left house found that his outfit changed. When suspect was found leaving house with a bag in his hand, bag was never seen. Detectives are considering that unsub threw bag of bloody clos into a dumpster. The police have been dispatched to suspicious court.


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