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Teddy Bautista: The second paragraph and what's in a name

A prize to the musician is here a rarity, as this country rewards the dead but not the losers; Actually, it rewards them when they're already dead.

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Teddy Bautista: The second paragraph and what's in a name
More information
  • Teddy Bautista reappears to receive a prize and promises to "fight for Truth"
  • The judge imposes a bail of 63 million with Teddy Baptist and eight or defendants of case SGAE

Journalists have a serious problem with second paragraph. In this trade, that is a decisive element in highlighting or sinking what is said of someone in first subparagraph of a chronicle. For seven years now, Teddy Bautista is always doomed in second paragraph. Anything that happens to him, be rewarded, sick, survivor or poacher, in second paragraph will always be condemned to hell. Because it plunged SGAE, because it is waiting for trial, because it is insolvent, because it does not deserve nor credit that always reserves in second paragraph to suspects guilty. He's a condemned second-paragraph, and as far as he looks he'll always be.

There are second benevolent paragraphs, where life is spared (sometimes literally; or times it is pursued with viciously by old clichés that are not even substantiated), but tendency is to stick knives to fingers to make music. And this is how man lives, without right to second paragraph even when rewarded.

A prize to Teddy Bautista is here a rarity, for this country rewards dead but not losers; It actually rewards losers when y're already dead. Teddy Bautista is a defendant, not a loser, he has not yet lost his mind (nor has he lost his judgment, he is seen in his right mind). The truth is that although it seems a lie gave him this Thursday an award, in addition to honor, Apollo Award of Honor to his long musical career. He was handed over by his colleagues at SGAE, home of which once (June 2011) came out as if he had stolen Sistine Chapel. Then he was put in pouch or bag so many crimes that seemed to go to eternal dungeons, but re it is, with requests that have been declining, but even if y are all, y are still waiting for judges to do what so far have already undone journalists and Talk about perverse second paragraphs.

The SGAE, by way, had to well filter that prize was given re, but activity was not of entity. The SGAE should also be given a rule of calculation of second paragraphs.

The truth is that y gave him prize, that a few canaries were (we went) to Agasajarlo, along with or peninsular that consider that deserves credit of second paragraphs. And we hear him speak, with joy and emotion of a feeling that fell on his head from piano of his mor, Mrs. García Paasco. A constant and rewarding, consistent vocation. Something that, without doubt, would have given in so many places for second successive paragraphs that deserve ir effort and ir work as musical creator, from Canaries to ir strangers (here, very well known abroad) concerts in which air, Earth and Water come toger to engage in a beautiful battle against contemporary noise.

Well, y gave him prize. For what he has done for music: re it was revealed. When event was over y offered him and or prize winners a glass of Spanish wine and some beautiful songs. I'm sure those who take advantage of second paragraph to kill people before y convicted him would have taken out his ice cube. He does not drink, but in any case deserves at least water and salt that is denied in second paragraphs that cruelty chooses to go killing people with pink hachacitos of which Cabrera Infante spoke imitating José Martí.


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