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Tel Aviv surrenders at the foot of Netta, the Eurovision winner

"Do not let anyone reject you, proclaimed the singer from the stage

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Tel Aviv surrenders at the foot of Netta, the Eurovision winner

Thousands of Israelis have come in afternoon of Monday to square of Rabin of Tel Aviv to pay homage to Netta Barzilai, versatile singer who with his particular crowing in song Toy was raised last weekend with title of winner of Eurovision. Before an audience delivered and clod by all team that took her in twinkling to top Eurovisiva, y gave him a banner in which he could read "Tel Aviv loves Netta".

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The singer did not disappoint his audience and n interpreted me that popularized in Europe. Yes, this time, dressed in a party and without wearing peculiar styling that passed through blue carpet in Lisbon. "I am very happy that we have managed to create a cause for joy in a country that does not have many opportunities to celebrate," said singer just landed at dawn in Israel. "We're all afónicos because we celebrate it all night. We did not sleep, "he recognised.

The city was overturned with its new diva to which y received or Hebrew artists who also won Eurovision festival as Dana International, which in 1998 conquered audience Eurovisiva with his diva, or Gali Atari, which was raised with title in 1979 singing in Hebrew or Melodic na Hallelujah! Some of those attending party, at night in Tel Aviv, wore black T-shirts with slogan "Stupid Boy" which refers to chorus of Israeli song awarded in last edition of festival.

Netta climbed to top of stage and with his inseparable looper-an apparatus with which he recorded his voice and played it instantly adding effects-filled with electronic music crowded square while, on facade of city Hall projected images of his Triumph and luminous ones of city sent greeting messages to winner. "Do not let anyone reject you," he shouted from stage to public.

A message in line of Toy, inspired by feminist movement MeToo, which according to singer is extensive to all those who, as she suffered at some point harassment, or are not valued enough, simply because y are different. "Believing in things makes m come true, we write our story," said singer euphoric.

Israel has also not spared in making public thanks to those who made this dream possible, including Spanish public. A line bus silkscreened with phrase "twelve points, Netta!" on flag of Spain, walked this Monday streets of Jerusalem as a nod to popular vote that gave highest score in our country.

The bus with message of gratitude to votes of Spain to Netta. L.b.

A fact that does not seem so spontaneous, in light of several published information in which Sophie Melnik Amitay, director of marketing for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific of company Outbrain-founded in year 2006 in Israel but headquartered in New York-recognizes that, weeks before Eurovision contest, launched a campaign to spread Israeli song in five countries of European Union: Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany.

Several million Europeans were exposed through social networks to commercials that invited to listen to me of Netta Barzilai. 50% of target audience of campaign spiked link and saw it for at least 45 seconds, while 33% remained hooked about a minute and a half, according to data provided to AP news agency.

An experiment through social networks that seems to have worked in Spain and France where popular vote gave highest score (12 points) to Israeli song during final minutes of gala last Saturday.


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