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Television occupies the Comic-Con universe

Series like ' Castle Rock ', ' The Walking Dead ', Doctor Who or ' Iron Fist ' and films like ' It 2 ', protagonists of an edition that will pay homage to breaking Bad

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Television occupies the Comic-Con universe
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The 135,000 people expected in 49th edition of comic-Con (is official figure, unofficial approach to 165,000) barely talk about comics. This miniurbe of popular culture that for four days was enquista in San Diego (USA) has long left behind its origins. Ironically, it was Jack Kirby, master of Comics and one of main creators of what we now know as Marvel Comics, who recommended that comic-Con broaden his gaze beyond comic. He told 300 assistants of second edition. The display of film, television, memorabilia, video games, literature, cosplay, illustration and interactive experiences and, of course, comics, at Convention center give you right.

Hollywood has been taking this cultural appointment for years. But it is clear that television has won film's advantage in an edition in which heavyweights like Marvel film universe, Lucas studios behind Star Wars galaxy or Disney itself are absent from famous scene of Hall H where y are born (or Die) great blockbusters.

To coronation of television as Queen of popular culture will be missing HBO and its great series, Game of Thrones and Westworld. Nothing new to offer. But re is no Comic-con without George R. R. Martin, who will present a new series based on an ancient novel of his, Nightflyers (1980), on a group of scientists in search of alien life. A trip that magazine Entertainment Weekly describes as psychosis in space. Stephen King is anor of ubiquitous in this Convention. The success of Mr. Mercedes now adds Castle Rock. A story that takes place in penitentiary of Shawshank, where evil lives. Bill Skarsgard, his protagonist, becomes king of Terror of this edition in which he also presents his next film work, It 2, anor work out of mind of King.

There is no Comic-con without zombies. The Walking Dead will present its ninth season keeping secret of how announced March of its protagonist, Andrew Lincoln. And you need princesses, even if y are not a story: in first edition of Comic-con in era of Metoo will come animated princess of (Des) Encanto, first series of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, for almost two decades.

Marvel will be absent from cinema, but not from television, and will come with series like second season of Iron Fist. For its part, Star Wars universe will be represented by celebration of tenth anniversary of animated series The Clone Wars. Nor could Star Trek be absent in his last incarnation, Discovery, a great example of women's empowerment. And in this same line series Dr. Who has been able to join conversation now that Jodie Whittaker is first woman who interprets this temporary traveler after 12 incarnations as a man.

But most wanted presence will be Walter White's. In a sea of short thors, faded hulks, heroes like Han Solo or Galactic Empire assault troops of all sizes, colors and sexes, some of most popular characters of this costume festival, fans will be on lookout for real Bryan Cranston. The actor was already present on one occasion, walking through halls of with disguised himself without anyone noticing. And in this edition in which members of breaking Bad meet in Hall H, a decade after premiere of this classic, it is anticipated that will try again.

Networking experiences

The term is not entirely defined. Experiences, activations or FXibitions, as it calls channel FX sweeping home. These phenomena are already most sought after Comic-Con. Why see Carlton Cuse, creator of Jack Ryan, present series when one can become a spy, in a personal experience that can later hang on network? The experiment promises use of technology Optitrack 4d and Oculus Rift, which increase reality. The FXhibition offers an audiovisual installation that will isolate Legion's followers from crowd. And for those who want to die of fear, Hulu has a replica of Castle Rock Penitentiary. The bad, tails. For something to Comic-con is called tails--with

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