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The 159 bombings who destroyed Pompeii for the second time

A detailed reconstruction of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando with 3d and drones allows to study with great detail the excavations of Pompeii and Numancia

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The 159 bombings who destroyed Pompeii for the second time

Between dust that covers ruins of Numancia and gleams of deshelled grandeur that are guessed in Pompeii under Vesuvius, too much fantasy has been unleashed. But now, with digital tools, re is a millimeter rigor. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando (RABASF) had an outstanding account with new technologies. It took m to connect to world of Internet to rhythm of or museums. But when y have done so, y have developed programs to last to overturn ir catalogues and explore universe of Multimedia edition.

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José María Luzon, academic and delegate of Museum of institution, leads project with a team under his command of doctors and art students, archaeologists and engineers who are experts in new technologies. Four years ago, in RABASF, red paint collection began to overturn. They continue with drawing, one of most important in world with 15,300 works that travel from Velázquez to Picasso. Apart from that, y have launched to multimedia edition of archaeological projects in which y are involved.

Like Pompeii and Numancia. In first case, a research team composed half-way between Complutense University, Archaeological Museum of Naples and Academy of Fine Arts, has put in place – thanks to simulated but precise architecture of new technologies – what was house of Diana Archaic.

It has been 11 years of excavations led by Luzon and María del Carmen Alonso, archaeologist and professor of Complutense University of Salerno, now collected in this new platform. They have developed a digital book for which tools ranging from drones to 3-D presentations, stratigraphy, georradares and several combined databases have been used. "It is a non-bound publication, with its ISBN and registered in National Library of Spain that develops its own digital language," says Luzon.

From Velázquez to Picasso, masters of Drawing

Little by Little Jorge Maier Allende is penetrating lines of 15,300 drawings of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando. The naked by an infinite patience and a good collection of mega pixels. Front and back. On reverse, he explores watermarks. That is to say, on origin of paper, which offers many clues. "Do not forget that academy was mainly a school of artists. That's why he keeps so many drawings. They were bought or saved to show models to approach, "says Maier. He says it in a room where he has studio in which jewels of collection are going day by day before his hands. It precedes place where funds rest. The issue of Filigrees has its importance. by singular. "In or collections are not incorporated into tiles. It is very useful because according to origin of paper used, many things can be placed within context of each work. "

Allied bombs

Through it, we know details of specific excavation carried out by Italoespañol team. The house known by this name because of statue of Diana found in courtyard. "Carlos III was regularly informed of this discovery, as some of letters found in archives of file of original one included in publication".

The king followed carefully excavations, and even gave advice for conservation of findings. His years in Naples guided an intense curiosity later, already on throne, by Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Bernardo Tanucci, Regent in area, kept him up to ground. "It was one of great projects of his life," says Carmen Alonso. "His museum vision and effort to count it thoroughly."

The work includes not only progress in Pompeii. Also setbacks. As damage suffered by ruins by allied bombardments of Operation Avalanche, prior to landing in Salerno in 1943, during Second World War. "A bombardment for which pilots were decorated," adds Luzon. Rabid paradoxes of life. The damage caused in deposit was recorded meticulously by archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri, who made a detailed plan of all points of city in which bombs had fallen.

It was 159 in total impacts that reduced city to rubble. They destroyed much of a previous reconstruction that had lasted two centuries. Diana Archaic's house also suffered m. Three bombs fell on ir contours. "One of m in room 10, specifically on one of pools that had been manufactured in final phase of life of this building, when it was being used for wool industry", says study, which has been presented in Rome, in Pompeii and Madrid.

Numancia to Millimeter

The one that deals with Numancia has been completed under commission of Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E) and is presented this morning in Madrid. It includes a study by expert Alfredo Jimeno and uses same advances, but in this case, with special impact on orography and terrain. It's something drones have been a determinant of. "Just as in Pompeii we have focused on one aspect, work on Numancia treats it in general," says Luzon.

Hipsométricas Ink Map of Numantino deposit.

They have reconstructed appearance of houses by means of aerial chambers and Photogrammetry. "With true scientific rigor and a millimeter precision," adds Carmen Alonso. "So much so that through flights of drone it has been possible to establish a new planimetry of city in which height curves are only 15 centimeters apart. That will be a breakthrough for new studies by Numantinos archaeologists. "

Elvira Marco, Director of AC/E, says that with this project, leading institution pursues a twofold objective: "On one hand, develop a tool, virtual 3d map of Numancia, invaluable for archaeologists and researchers. And on or, to bring history of Numancia to general public, especially to youngest, through use of a language that is attractive and familiar, that of new technologies. " This multimedia book, as defined by Marco, "will allow, for example, that an Australian student can examine and manipulate virtually, even by using 3d glasses, a Numantina vessel that could orwise not study more than in books, or Moving in person to museum Numantino ". The story of a remote past with a view to future.


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