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The academic Soledad Puértolas proposes that the word Machirulo enter the ' dictionary '

The term would define a "semichulo who wants to be dominant," explained the writer and columnist

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The academic Soledad Puértolas proposes that the word Machirulo enter the ' dictionary '

Are you a machirulo? Have you ever been called? Have you told any man? The word in question is not in dictionary of Spanish language, in fact, its website refers to "Cachirulo" as most similar entry, but this does not mean that it is not used. The last occasions in which public figures have put in his mouth have been Argentine Senator Cristina Kircher, so branded on Twitter his successor in presidency of country, Mauricio Macri, at end of May. A few months before, Congresswoman Irene Montero, in halls of Congress, qualified a colleague of PP for his attitude.

The glove of a word that is in street has collected this Tuesday academic Soledad Puértolas (Zaragoza, 1947) in a day of debate held at institution on proliferation of Extranjerismos in world of advertising. "I have proposed to my colleagues in academy that dictionary include term Machirulo," said Puértolas, who entered RAE in 2010 and received, among or awards, planet and essay anagram.

Puértolas outlined possible definition of this term, which at popular level is associated with that of macho. "That kind of man is not exactly an alpha male, a semichulo who wants to be dominant", and he nuanced: "It is a word that has an ironic tone, even sometimes with some tenderness, and responds to new version of male prototypical". The writer and columnist added that her proposal, launched about a month ago, follows usual processes of study, in this case in commission of neologisms of RAE, to which she belongs toger with seven or scholars. RAE's sources have reported that decision "can take years." The scholars can propose it and Commission decides wher it is supported or discarded. "The criteria that are most considered are frequency of use, which must be several years, and that re is a geographical dispersion of term, which is not only used in Spain."

In addition, a definition proposal is included and if Commission filter passes, n it goes to plenary, which meets every Thursday. In plenary word can be debated for months and if it is finally approved proposal is sent to 22 remaining academies, Latin America plus North American and Filipino, who, in turn, can send SAR ir proposals or observations. Only n would I enter dictionary. The same sources assure that "Machirulo" has been, in May, one of most sought after words among which do not exist in web of dictionary following tweet of Cristina Kirchner in which he wrote it.

Carme Riera, Puértolas's colleague in Commission, adds that " dictionary has to collect those words that have use. We've already discussed something and we're looking for references. " As for definition, it points to that of "Machito, type that presumes chulescamente that it is male. It's an insult, yes, but, in a way, mild. " Riera added that same Commission has proposed future inclusion of sorority, which is "solidarity between women", according to Fundéu, foundation of agency Efe and BBVA.

The Life of words

The academic and novelist Antonio Muñoz Molina, however, showed some skepticism about this type of proposal. "I have No opinion about it. Words have ir own life and wher or not y are in dictionary, in long run it means nothing. " The Princess of Asturias Prize of letters adds that "a few words last a long time and ors, instead, have a short life, and this does not depend on dictionary, because no one commands in m. The life of words is a mystery. "

The Doctor in Romanic philology Eulalia Lledó, who has done gender studies on Spanish, warns that it is difficult to decide "wher it is convenient or not" presence of Machirulo in dictionary. "It's not something simple, you have to be very careful and you have to study derogatory sense." Lledó, who participated in review of Dictionary of 2001, adds: "We all know that any profanity can be said with affection, so re is much caution." For this expert also have to determine very well " rootedness that has that word, because re are many that, in a moment, it seems that can be introduced by ir use, but n decay. The incorporation of neologisms needs a long process that can be decided by boat soon. "

Finally, Argentine linguist Violeta Demonte, professor emeritus of Spanish language at Autonomous University of Madrid, says, by email from São Paulo, that proposal of Puértolas seems "worthy of being considered, because Machirulo is a Term that has a unique meaning, with a tone between serious and ironic and can be used on many levels of language. " Demonte, who participated in feminist groups during Francoism, concludes: "If RAE finds that it has an extended use so that it is worthy to enter dictionary I would be very well."

The word "Machirulo", which can now be heard on street, with family, friends and in media, has just begun its possible path to dictionary. Soledad Puértolas takes it with humour: "I hope my companions will heed me."

The fight against English in advertising

Soledad Puértolas is one of representatives of Tricentenary institution, toger with José María Merino as coordinator, who works with Academy of Advertising, a non-profit institution, to defend Spanish language against continuous bombardment of Terms from English. Merino, who opened debate day better in Spanish?, joked with amount of English expressions that had been found that morning in advertising posters when leaving home: "Outlet, Market, Private Banking... but if re are alternatives in our language, why not Use. The SAR arose to protect against French invasion. People who wanted to give m thin spoke a language that mixed Spanish and French almost unintelligible. "

The publicist and philologist Alfonso Gonzalez Callejas, from Arena Media, warned that English in advertising "has become a slang." "We are vendors who use word as a tool even if many do not know it, and we have to be aware that our language is a source of business." On proliferation of Anglicisms in this field, he stressed that "it is manufacturers who demand use of English and we have to fight against that trend."

His colleague Félix Muñoz pointed out that in this issue "it is not a question of fighting English, but of competing, because when we lose to that language, we lose our heritage. Most of time, it degrades Spanish and using English does not contribute. " Muñoz remembered as a success when famous slogan of Coca-Cola "It's real thing" was decided to make Spain "spark of Life". However, he acknowledged that Shakespeare "is language of marketing and it is normal that we incorporate some terms."

Finally, Carlos Sanz de Andino, founding partner and Creative President at Darwin Social Noise, agreed that we must take care of Spanish language, "but we can not be purists, because skipping rules is not bad if creativity allows."


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