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' The accident ', between Iberian pigs and drug traffickers

Inma Cuesta, Gutierrez and Eusebio Ponce starring the new thriller of Telecinco.

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' The accident ', between Iberian pigs and drug traffickers

In accident, a series of suspense that mixes drug trafficking, Iberian pigs and many different family relationships, Inma Cuesta and Gutierrez are main partner, but it is Eusebio Ponce who has touched candy to play a villain of Those who dial. "To do wrong is funniest thing re is;" It's like a vent. Instead of making you apretadito what it does is to expand, "says actor in presentation of fiction that premieres Telecinco on Tuesday November 28 (22.40). The debut will compete with one of bets of TVE for this season, betrayal, where anor veteran, Ana Belén, also plays a villain.

The premise of accident plays with mystery: José (Gutiérrez) disappears after injury plane in which he supposedly traveled. His wife Lucia (Cuesta) begins an investigation to know what has happened that intermingle with anor one of a policeman (Remón, incarnated by Jorge Bosch), which investigates on a network of drug trafficking. A research that also begins with an accident, that of a pig transport truck. One of points of connection between two researches is João Ferreira (Ponce), a businessman with a past as dark as his intentions present. The main cast is completed by Alain Hernández, Berta Vázquez and Joel bosqued.

Ponce summarizes in a simple phrase how villain who captivated him to return to television after Red Eagle and Charles King Emperor. "This man, when he breas, poisons air." His character is a Portuguese who lived guerrillas in Angola in Seventies. "Ferreira has had a very random life because as a child he was poor and ended up in an asylum with his sister." "has been a man conducive to forced social rancor," he explains. Will a human side of character be appreciated? "We shall see very little, not agreeing to relax." It was not appropriate to delve into psychological. Of course I've gotten details, but y're quick brushstrokes. In genre we are talking about is not advantageous that psychological bar a little composure of this person, details actor.

Not only character's greedy took Ponce to accident. He also knew that production was in charge of Daniel Écija, with whom he had worked in Red Eagle. "We had gotten along very well, it was a man you can trust," says producer. He also compliments rest of team: "The cast was good, script, I already knew Turkish series [on which it is based], I saw that re were possibilities." I really like suspense. Here it mixes with melodrama, which is anor of my favorite genres. And n I asked who was director of photography [Néstor Calvo], to consider how y portray you, who would be directors ...

The actor is very aware of who works to accept projects that interest him, but n admits not wanting to see ir own jobs, whatever y are. "I don't want to see myself in painting, I never do." As with [Adolfo] Aristarain in Martín (Hache). And y get and because you don't want to see that piece of art y've done. or intact [by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo]. I've done too many things, but never, ever since I started, I've seen [on screen]. "Genius and figure to grave," says Ponce.

The engine of history of " accident"

The protagonist of accident is Lucia, a woman who loses her husband (initially believes he has died) and is involved in a murky world of drug traffickers. Played by Inma Cuesta, actress admits that she was seduced by idea that, in principle, is a closed series of a single season. "An end has benefit of creating a character arc that you know where it goes." When it comes to creating relationships between characters you have anor facility, says actress. And he also got motivated because his character is engine of whole story and Spectator will discover " ins and outs of that skein of lies," as he defines it, from his perspective. "I insisted on having enough freedom to be able to participate in creative process at both script and everything," he says.

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