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' The Alienist ': New York was also dirty and twisted

Daniel Brühl, Dakokta Fanning and Luke Evans star in the series based on the book by Caleb Carr

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' The Alienist ': New York was also dirty and twisted

The Alienist begins with explanation of its title, both in original novel by Caleb Carr and in its television adaptation. As both of you remember, before twentieth century mentally ill were alienated, separated from society and mselves. And ir doctors, alienists. This opens one of most popular crime novels of last decades and its expected adaptation in 10 chapters. A story where reality of a Theodore Roosevelt or a J.P. Morgan before being president and finance tycoon, respectively, mixes with impoverishment of new York at end of nineteenth century.

The series The Alienist has names of Cary Fukunaga, John Sayles, Eric Roth or Hossein Amini among his creative team. "My brain exploded when y thought of me for Laszlo Kreizler," The Alienist of title, tells country alienist of series, German-Spanish interpreter Daniel Brühl. His work as first criminologist that mixes field of psychiatry, in which he is a doctor, with that of police investigation is not only one of roles that most interested him as an actor. There is also a personal bond since his wife, Felicitas Rombold, is a psychologist. "He recommended that I psychoanalyze myself to find my demons and understand my adversary," he recalls. "But I also need to disconnect after filming," admits actor.

The television adaptation does not skimp on time to visualize intense details of novel. Without doubting importance of role of Brühl, leading cast along with Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning (in his first leading role in television), Alienist real protagonist is new York rebuilt in detail in... Budapest. Since publication of book in 1994 problem of its adaptation was how to rebuild sordidness of that emerging new York at expense of weakest. First it was thought of doing it in Canada. Later, even in new York itself. But when numbers did not come out, fiscal aid to film production granted by Hungarian capital turned Budapest into Big Apple. "We must also highlight level of detail we have achieved by rolling here," shows production designer Mara Lepere-Schloop during visit to set.

Shot in two different studies, series faithfully replicates three neighborhoods in which plot runs: where Kreizler resides and high society, anor middle class and anor for slums, where surviving is a luxury. The sets are practical, built to give actors environment in which y unfold. "A world that extends more than double in height and surface thanks to special effects", explains Lepere-Schloop. The cobblestones come from Slovakia and many of buildings already existed in Budapest, such as opera or bus station, reconverted for occasion. Everything to offer an atmosphere like that of movies The Age of Innocence or once upon a time in America but on television. "There is nothing to envy between two means", is admired Evans who already worked before in a Budapest that made of Baltimore in 1846 for Enigma of Raven (2012), film focused on life of Edgar Allan Poe. "Here we have achieved same intensity, but for 10 hours," he continues. Brühl le Secunda. "If re's one thing I like about Alienist, it reminds me of best, to Poe, to Dr. Jeckyl Mr. Hyde, to Jack Ripper," he compares.

In total were more than thirty different scenarios per episode. The most complex: brols of young people specializing in pedophilia. Lepere-Schloop had documentation from Lower East Side Tenement Museum dedicated to those buildings where up to 15.000 people were crowded with a score of nationalities. But even re were missing images of that sordid New York past that rebuilt in series his collective of directors, including Spaniard Paco Cabezas.

A possible continuation

As with all high profile series, Alienist's conclusion in USA, where last episode aired three weeks ago, brought rumors of a second season. The Alienist achieved an average of more than a million and a half of weekly spectators, a figure that doubled in its streaming broadcast. A second season could take more advantage at its high cost, about 7.5 million dollars per episode. "We built everything in hope of continuing," recalled Lepere-Schloop. Executive producer Rosalie Swedlin points out that re is still nothing to talk about, although he drops that " experience has been so good that who knows?". Caleb Carr recovered character of Doctor Kreizler in 1997 in his sequel, The Angel of Darkness.

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