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The American philosopher Michael J. Sandel, Princess of Asturias award for Social Sciences

The professor taught at Harvard Justicia, the course with the largest number of students in the history of the institution

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The American philosopher Michael J. Sandel, Princess of Asturias award for Social Sciences

The American philosopher Michael J. Sandel has been awarded today in Oviedo with prize Princess of Asturias of social Sciences 2018, to which y opted thirty-four candidacies of sixteen nationalities. Sandel (Minneapolis, 1953) is professor of political philosophy at Harvard University where he has taught for decades justice course, which enrolled more than a thousand students to become program with largest number of students in History of academic institution (more than 15,000 since beginning of decade of years 1980).

The success of his subject, which imparts at Teatro Saunders whose 1,117 seats should be raffled at beginning of year given high demand, led university to record it to offer it through Internet and thus convert first Harvard course diffused in a way Free throughout its history.

Representative of communitarian ory, a current emerged at end of twentieth century contrary to individualist and liberal positions, Sandel has managed to bring reflection to a global public by raising ethical questions in open and public debates in which Promotes dialogue between audience.

Its line of thought is based on defense of a justice oriented to common good where governments can intervene to avoid excesses of market economy and social inequalities.

Their classes were also converted into a television series and in a book entitled Justice: What is to be done correctly?, of which one million copies were sold.

During his stay in Spain in 2011 to present his book, edited by Debate, professor of political philosophy warned that, in a democracy, voters are also responsible for decisions of ir rulers even if y disagree with m because They had been given power to adopt m.

Moreover, he stressed that moral responsibility is transferred from one generation to anor and that, just as Americans must confront historical injustice of slavery or Germans of Nazism, "all peoples must confront and repair damage Historical, also Spaniards. "

"Oblivion is not good. There are times when we must forgive even most serious crimes to recover a cohesive society, but not to confuse forgiveness with oblivion, "he said in an interview with Efe in which he placed each country to take responsibility for its past to Margin that re is a universal jurisdiction that pursues crimes against humanity.

Sandel also imparts ethics and Biotechnology seminar on ethical Considerations in biotechnology, an issue on which he became a U.S. government advisor between 2005 and 2007 during presidency of George W. Bush.

The award-winning philosopher was appointed to post although he was not a Republican and was part of a bioethics commission where he defended stem cell research in embryos which, in his view, must be respected because re is a potential human being, but that "morally "They can't equate to a child.

His candidacy for an award he had already opted for at least three times in recent years was proposed by literary critic Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente, who was part of jury's last week that awarded Princess of Letters award.

Last year award went to British thinker Karen Armstrong, specializing in study of religions, and before that, among ors, French economist Esr Duflo, French hispanist Joseph Perez, Dutch sociologist Saskia Sassen, American philosopher Martha Nussbaum or psychologist Howard Gardner, also American.

This has been sixth prize in failing in this XXVIII edition of awards after those awarded to Martin Scorsese (arts), Alma Guillermoprieto (Communication and humanities), Amref Health Africa (International cooperation), Reinhold Messner and Krzysztof Wielicki (sports) and Fred Vargas (lyrics).

The eight Princess of Asturias Awards are endowed with reproduction of a sculpture designed by Joan Miró, 50,000 euros, a diploma and a badge.


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