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‘The author’, of Manuel Martín Cuenca, wins the prize of the critics in Toronto

‘Three ads on the outside of Ebbing, Missouri’, you get the prize of the public, the festival's main

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‘The author’, of Manuel Martín Cuenca, wins the prize of the critics in Toronto
  • re is Not ‘The Land’ this year in Toronto
  • Three posters, a library and much applause
  • In intimacy without nostalgia of Grace Jones,

The humor more black in face of tragedy more terrible, rape and murder of a girl. Three ads on outside of Ebbing, Missouri makes it so difficult to viewer. Laugh with grief of a mor who fights to give justice to his daughter. The laughs are loud and sensitivity also. Martin McDonagh knew he had a complicated history between hands and, refore, in thank-you note for Audience Award in Toronto, highest award of Festival, said it was first surprised: “you Never know if you're going to genuinely connect with people, you know, real.”

Although award delivered by public with ir vote to output of each projection is most important Festival and most valued by industry, re are also awards that are delivered by different juries. The international critics (FIPRESCI) crowned Spanish Manuel Martin Cuenca with his film The author, based on first short novel of Javier Cercas The mobile. The critics only rated film premiered in section Special Presentations where, yes, y were involved titles with filmmakers, best known as George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Darren Aronofsky, Alexander Payne, Guillermo del Toro or Stephen Frears.

As he recalled in a video of thanks, for director of almería - first spaniard to win this award - this was his third experience in Toronto: his previous two films, half of Oscar and Cannibal, also began to tour in Canada, and as happened with Cannibal, The author will now continue its way through festival of San Sebastián, following quote lm international.

In terms of Three ads on outside of Ebbing, Missouri, film came with award to best script of Festival of Venice, and in canadian city received a standing ovation in each pass of public. Although it is a year without winning as clear as past, award confirms that Three ads on outside of Ebbing, Missouri has started his road to Oscars: best film, direction, script-writing, insurance, interpretation. Frances McDormand as mor more than courage of story, in a good year for actresses veterans in film, has secured nomination. And police officers who interpret Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson can that also.

Among finalists for prize of public also jump two titles that were among favorites and be entered into all pools of awards: (I, Tonya, fake documentary about skater Tonya Harding; and Call Me By Your Name, romance of Italian summer signed by Luca Guadagnino coming accumulating fame since Sundance.

Among documentaries, despite good reception of family portrait of Gustavo Salmerón in Many children, a monkey and a castle won award for film are already held in Cannes, Faces and places, Agnès Varda and street artist JR. And in section Midnight Madness, which includes genre films, prize also given by public was for one of titles that expectations are brought in, Bodied, an x-ray tongue-in-cheek world of rap battles that produced Eminem. As a finalist was one that seemed to be favorite, The Disaster Artist, homage of James Franco to best worst movie of Hollywood, to The Room.

Finally, jury chaired by Wim Wenders in section Platform awarded australian Sweet Country. The best canadian film chosen by anor jury was Les Affamés.

full honors

audience Award: Three ads outside of Ebbing, Missouri, Martin McDonagh

Finalists audience award: (1) I, Tonya, Craig Gillespie, and (2) Call Me By Your Name, by Luca Guadagnino.

audience Award for best documentary: Faces and places, Agnès Varda and JR.

Finalists best documentary: (1) Long Time Running, Nicholas Pencier and Jennifer Baichwal, and (2) Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!, Morgan Spurlock.

audience Award Midnight Madness: Bodied, Joseph Kahn.

Finalists Midnight Madness: (1) The Disaster Artist, James Franco, and (2) Brawl in Cell Block 99, S. Craiz Zahler.

Toronto Platform Prize: Sweet Country, of Warwick Thornton.

FIPRESCI Prize for Special Presentations: The author, of Manuel Martín Cuenca.

Fipresci Prize for Discovery: Ava, Sadaf Foroughi.

Prix Canada Goose best canadian film: Les Affamés, Robin Aubert.

Award City of Toronto to best opera prima canadian: Luk' Luk'i, Wayne Wapeemukwa.

Prix IWC best short canadian: Pre-Drink, Marc-Antoine Lemire.

Prix IWC best short international: The Burden (Min Börda), Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden).

NETPAC Award for World or International Asian Film Premiere: The Great Buddha+, Huang Hsin-Yao.


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