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The birthplace of Velázquez will recreate the life of the painter and baroque Sevilla

A private project will preserve the artist's home, purchased for 1.4 million euros. "It will be an immersive experience," says promoter, writer Enrique Bocanegra

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The birthplace of Velázquez will recreate the life of the painter and baroque Sevilla

Spain is full of houses of Velázquez. " It is a sad premise with which journalist and writer of Seville Enrique Bocanegra notes number of homes in which were born or inhabited personalities of this country and that negligence or carelessness Chan condemned to oblivion. Determined that this does not happen precisely with birthplace of painter, has led an initiative along with four or partners, to recover house of genius and make it a center of reference not only of his life, but city in which he grew up and in which cradled his S dreams of Creator: The Seville of 16th and 17th centuries.

Bocanegra officially presents today in birthplace of Velázquez, in number 4 of street Padre Luis Llop, this project. The event will also serve to reveal identity of particular buyer who acquired property last May for 1.4 million euros- Society of Velázquez birthplace-and reassure his destiny. The house: Its two patios, windows of fragile white wood that borders and its corridors labyrinthine can be enjoyed by all lovers of painter and of Seville. "It will be an immersive experience in your life and in your time," says Bocanegra

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"We have managed to save house, which was main purpose, and now we want this to become a recognition to Velázquez," explains writer from main courtyard of house, which still oozes smell of damp wood and closed. The journalist is promoter of this initiative that emerged as a chimera in 2012. "I knew that Victorio and Lucchino had to get rid of her for debts; In 2016, when I finished my book on Phliby [a spy in trench], I went to property registry and found that that was a creditors ' mess. I contacted bankruptcy administrator and began to devise a financial and museum project. On April 26th y called to warn us that it was on sale and on July 6th we signed Scriptures, ' he says.

Behind this prosaic explanation lies an exaggerated enthusiasm for genius, which overflows conversation of Bocanegra. "Basically this is like writing a biography: you have character, landscape and passion: Velázquez is one of greatest artists of mankind: he was son of Spanish Empire and Sevilla was economic engine of that empire," he explains. The passion evidently puts him.

And that passion is tangible part of project. Now re is a first technical phase that is to ensure building, which after six years closed requires refurbishment and repair work. Then it will be necessary to provide house Velázquez with content. "There will be explanatory panels, static elements, decorations, projections, virtual reality.... The bottom will dedicate it to Seville of time and superior to life of painter, "explains Bocanegra.

For this company re is neir budget nor deadlines, although Bocanegra has set March 2019 as a possible opening. Nor have y spoken to any public or private institution to accompany m in initiative. Although in today's event will be present mayor of city, Juan Spades, no specific agreement has yet been closed with city council.

The overwhelming force of his work has blurred personality of genius. What is certain is that it was in Seville, where he spent 24 years of his life, where Velázquez forged his character and incubated mastery with brushes. There he approved his exam as a painter, opened his first workshop, married... There he painted waterer of Seville, old frying-eggs... The House of Velázquez is only place where painter who remained stood, not even church of San Juan Bautista in Madrid, where he was buried, still stands. Who knows if common source of his yard did not see child Velázquez inclined to drink to waterer, or if from edge of stairs did not observe a neighbor to heat oil or some women spinning in a distaff... They are questions that biographer in Bocanegra is made and that, thanks to project that he has dreamed for house of painter, his future visitors can be made.

The three Lives of House of Velázquez designers Vittorio Luccino accompanied by dancer Cecilia Goméz have presented today in Sevillian birthplace of Velázquez in Seville. Eduardo Abad EFE

There is no documentary record that Albero walls of number 4 of street Padre Luis Llop (Old Street of Gorjoja) were born Diego Rodríguez de Silva and Velázquez (Sevilla, 1599, Madrid, 1660), but oral tradition has always referred to that building as The House of Velázquez and historians attest to that reality. The building was a neighborhood corral for years and was about to be thrown down in years 70. The businessman Javier Guardiola turned him, after a refurbishment in 1973, at Art gallery M-11, where he exhibited works by artists such as Luis Gordillo, Antonio Saura and chronic team.

Sevillian designers Victorio Lucchino bought it later and opened ir workshop in 1985. In 2013 y filed a creditors ' contest and in February 2017, a judge approved ir payment. In April of this year, real estate company Aliseda announced its sale with this claim: "It sells beautiful typical Andalusian house to restore". Although it was awarded in May, poster is sold still hanging from balcony that illuminates stay where it is said that Velázquez was born.

The acquisition by a particular raised stir of sevillians, fearful that speculation and tourist flats Fagocitaran anor symbol to city. Today Sevilla and heritage lovers can brea quietly. The House of Velázquez will be at last, alone and for all, House of Velázquez.

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