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The Bishopric of Barbastro-Monzón now orders 112 goods of the Museum of Lleida

The civil lawsuit retakes a conflict that began in 1995 when 111 parishes moved from the Diocese of Lleida to Huesca

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The Bishopric of Barbastro-Monzón now orders 112 goods of the Museum of Lleida

Add and go. After conflict of Sijena, anor is reborn between Catalonia and Aragon for ecclesiastical goods after this Tuesday bishopric of Barbastro-Monzón has filed a lawsuit by civil way to claim return of 112 goods belonging to more than a hundred Of parishes of this diocese that are preserved in Museum of Lleida. The lawsuit has been placed in its own name and on behalf of 111 parishes segregated against consortium of Museo de Lérida Diocesana and district for retaining se assets and against bishopric Lleida because it is one who has m in storage.

The demand is aimed, as explained by sources of Aragonese bishopric, to put an end to a problem that began in 1995, when from Vatican, after creating new Diocese of Barbastro-Monzón, adjusted boundaries of dioceses with geographical Autonomy and 111 parishes of Aragon passed from Diocese of Lleida to new Huesca. From that moment on, parishes that changed dioceses began to reclaim patrimony that until n was in Diocesan Museum of Lleida because y considered that y were re in deposit. At that time began a long ecclesiastical process in which, in different instances were given reason, last was definitive decree of Supreme Court of apostolic symbol of April 28, 2007 that established in firm resolution, that 112 pieces that They are claimed were in bishopric of Lérida for deposit and not of property and were obliged to return m. The Bishopric of Lleida appealed all sentences, without success, in different Vatican instances such as Tribunal de la Rota and Congregation of Bishops of Rome, but it did not come to deliver m.

Casket of Sant Hilari de Buira that is exhibited in Diocesan Museum of Lleida, one of 112 pieces that claims Barbastro-Monzón. Herminia Servet

A few days ago Ángel Pérez, Bishop of Barbastro-Monzón, said that this would be " definitive step" and hoped that "more than to get a sentence in favor, we get that existing sentences are fulfilled." The lawsuit arrives after October 31 re was an act of conciliation in which Bishopric of Lleida ratified, explain from or bishopric, that 112 goods were of Diocese of Huesca but that no "could return m because y are retained by CONSORC IO of Regional museum ", owner of Lleida Museum which, moreover, was not present at event.

The Government of Aragon during se last months has requested on several occasions that bishopric of Barbastro gives him permission to litigate for se works, as did nuns of Sijena Sanjuan, in order to get from government return of Parts, but bishopric has not given m up and has initiated civil lawsuit independently.


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