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The campaign to change the definition of ' weak sex ' exceeds the 159,000 signatures

The petition, promoted in February by a young girl from Huelva, sums up in the last days 4,600 requests for media

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The campaign to change the definition of ' weak sex ' exceeds the 159,000 signatures
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  • The SAR will review definition of "weak sex"

Weak sex: Women's ensemble. This definition of dictionary of Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE) motivated that last February, a young girl from Huelva, Sara Flores Romero, launched a campaign on platform so that tricentennial institution, which sails language, eliminated this Meaning. The request Yonosoyelsexodébil of Sara Flores, who had at beginning of March some 73,000 signatures of support, has more than doubled its number, until surpassing 159,000, a fact that has coincided with recent concentrations of support to young woman who accused of rape to Five men, known as herd, in Sanfermines of 2016 and are now being judged. In addition, last week demonstrations have occurred for International Day against macho violence.

Since has reported that initiative has experienced a great growth "from October 23." Since that day and until today, November 27, "54,970 signatures have been added (an average of 1,526 per day)", indicate sources of platform. That rhythm has been shot since last Thursday, November 23, with 22,821 signatures (an average of 4,564 per day).

Sources of RAE have confirmed to country that in next update of dictionary, scheduled for December, it is very likely that in definition of weak sex include a "mark of use" that warns that this expression is "offensive" or "pejorative", as already made In 2014 with one of meanings of Gypsy as a "tinker". This decision, however, was taken since 2015, before flowering campaign, but RAE has as a rule not to publicize its modifications until re is a sufficient number to announce a review of corpus. The same sources clarify that RAE "does not censor use of words", and if it is documented its use in literature or press, as in this case, is not eliminated from DRAE.

The institution adds that it has been found that term "weak sex" was used for first time by writer Leandro Fernandez de Moratín, in 1790. Among authors who have used it since n are "Espronceda, Breton de los Herreros", José María Pereda, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Blanco White, Clarín, Benito Pérez Galdós, Gregorio Marañón, Wenceslas Fernández Flórez, Miguel Ángel Asturias, Victoria Ocampo, "Manuel Longars, Álvaro Pombo, Carlos Ruiz Zafón and Carmen Alborch". In what sense expression has been used is not determined.

The Academy underlines that re is a "faster and more effective way for a campaign to propose changes: The interactive unit of dictionary", created in 2011. Through it experts in lexicography receive suggestions. "Then case is studied, a report is prepared and, depending on complexity of term, RAE decides to apply change or contact or academies of Spanish language in America to contribute ir criterion," added same sources. Toger with ' weak sex ', in revision planned for December was also announced that of ' strong sex ', referred to "Ensemble of Men", to clarify that its use is "in ironic sense".

Flores, 19, was born in Huelva and is a second year student of Marketing and research in markets and tourism at University of Cadiz. Faced with reaction of Royal Academy to his request, young woman wrote in "The RAE has given an answer that is not expected." That's why I want us to keep sharing toger and making this not stop. As a woman I am, it is normal for me to feel offended and I also think it is a great offense for all women and for all those who have struggled for us to have rights today.

His fight began when he saw how a friend was climbing social network of Instagram Photography A screenshot of controversial definition of dictionary. Supported by his family and friends, Flores states that "eight months ago 100,000 signatures were reached but request was a bit stagnant," replies Facebook, between class and class. Happy to be driving force behind this initiative, "especially as a woman," RAE's decision seems "insufficient". "We want it to be completely eliminated [ definition]"., who was born in 2007, operates in Spain for seven years and is advertised as a platform of popular petitions that has 200 million users in almost 200 countries, 62% women. In Spain are 13 million and generate about 600 applications per week.


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