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' The Chronicles of Shannara ', elves, orcs and demons after the apocalypse

The Spaniard Ivana Baquero takes on more prominence in the second season of the fantasy series.

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' The Chronicles of Shannara ', elves, orcs and demons after the apocalypse

Ivana Baquero spends half year in New Zealand. The ideal place for an actress who devoured trilogy of The Lord of Rings (whose spectacular landscapes are those of that country) and says that he had always wanted to work on a project of fantasy, "Elves and Orcs." Says. There he has filmed series The Chronicles of Shannara, based on novels of Terry Brooks and, yes, with a plot full of those mythological beings that quotes. TNT emits on Tuesdays (22.30) The second installment of this American Superproduction in which Spanish interpreter gets into skin of Eretria, a mischievous thief.

The Chronicles of Shannara is set in a post-apocalyptic future world in which re are elves, orcs, demons, Druids, trolls, lots of magic and no modern technology. At end of first season, Eretria's fate was in air. "I can't reveal much because character who kidnaps her is key." The second season begins chronologically a year later and n we discover how Eretria has come out of that predicament, "explains actress to country. "She goes from being a suspicious and a little selfish girl, to being a compassionate girl, who learns what friendship is." "Now it's more open, more loyal," he details.

The first season of series was based on second book of original Shannara trilogy, Elvish Stones of Shannara (1982). The one that has just been released is already a free adaptation whose action takes place between second and third volume. "In third book re is a generational leap and children of protagonists who take action," Baquero explains why not to follow timeline of novels. Therefore, adventures will be new both for staunch followers of author and for those who were hooked to series last year.

Austin Butler as Will in second season of ' The Chronicles of Shannara '.

Baquero, 23, jumped to fame more than a decade ago after starring Guillermo del Toro's Labyrinth of Faun. For that film he won Goya for Best actress revelation and since n he had participated in several shorts and in films like or daughter (with Kevin Costner) or My or self (directed by Isabel Coixet). But never in a television series. "I came from cinema, where I started with eight years and all I have done so far se 12 years is purely cinema," explains actress. "Shannara is a great production in which re is a lot of time." We don't necessarily shoot with four cameras or go to rhythm of TV. In movies you have a script and three months to work with that material. In series you have ten scripts and you are constantly leaving material behind, you have to learn and develop new, "he tops.

The shooting lasts five months plus a sixth at beginning to train martial arts and gun management. "They teach us to fight with swords, to ride horses, to use daggers and we have a personal trainer every day." "Basically, I get paid to keep fit," joked actress during show in Madrid. Baquero now has to deal with thousands of fans of novels and series: "I have attended a couple of conventions in United States, which are quite a phenomenon." There are many people who follow us and suddenly bring you pictures, or have tattooed something related to series or books. Also, it is very grateful people, who really like and believe in your character. "It makes me very excited," he says.


American writer Terry Brooks published first volume of Shannara in 1977. It became first fantasy book to enter list of bestsellers in New York Times. Since n, he has published 14 novels set in that fantasy world in three trilogies, a tetralogy and a prequel. He is part of this group of authors of this genre who has sold millions and millions of copies of his books in last three decades, such as George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) or J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter). The series of Chronicles of Shannara, which after seeing her gave her blessing, is first adaptation of a book of hers. Originally rights were bought by Warner to open a new film saga that eventually came to life on television by producers such as Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man Films) and Miles Millar (Smallville).


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