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The Churrería of Netflix and the Cloverfield Paradox

The launching campaign is the only interesting thing about the Cloverfield Paradox, expected film produced by J.J. Abrams

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The Churrería of Netflix and the Cloverfield Paradox

Netflix broke Super Bowl Sunday rules. The expected Cloverfield Paradox had no announcements, release date or synopsis, and yet it was released on platform without notice. We would see a surprise film without knowing anything, something unpublished that avoided Machacona promotions of premieres. Although re was a problem: launching campaign was only original and surprising of film. That was good was a lot to ask.

Something smells bad for a while. Paramount (which accumulates failures lately) was to release third installment of franchise in April, but repented in time. The two previous deliveries — an entertaining twist on proposals from unknown dimension and only tangentially related to each or — came to halls as a breath of fresh air for ir originality. In Paradox, however, all concepts are topical and are already in sagas as Alien. It is a generic space film and does not play with visual or narrative surprises. By stamping Cloverfield seal, in addition, a plot was inserted that slows down rhythm of a kidnapped story by not knowing what it wants to tell. But producer had nothing to fear: Netflix arrived and paid 50 million for ir rights.

The wallet was answer. And that's greatness of Netflix and also its greatest misery. On one hand, thanks to ir funds y finance projects of Isabel Coixet or Martin Scorsese, who do not find patronage to take m to rooms. No one summarizes situation better than Duncan Jones, director of Moon who debuts Mute on platform: "There was a time when half-budget films were supported by large studios. But that's dead, so online platforms have picked up pieces. I am thankful because without Netflix, it would not have been rolled, but you must play by rules. And it's hard. You can't make a big premiere in halls and you don't even have a DVD. "

The worst part is that movies like Cloverfield Paradox are just one more product in Netflix's huge fast food chain, productions that we talk a lot about for three days and that we forget forever. In just one week it will be replaced by anor blockbuster of catalogue. That has become tonic for many of his series and films: Do you remember that Naomi Watts released series in summer? Why is a western as advisable as Godless passes without sorrow or glory for imaginary? Will we remember tomorrow altered Carbon? They come, y make noise and y leave. It doesn't give time to everything. It's Churrería Netflix.


address: Julius Onah

production: J. J. Abrams

cast: Gugu Mabatha-Raw, Daniel Brühl, Chris O'Dowd, David Oyewolo, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, John Ortiz, Aksel Hennie and Roger Davies

Genre: Sci-Fi, USA, 2018.

duration: 102 minutes.

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