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The clock of the rappers

Vince Staples and Tyler the Creator consulted him, Migos did not and cancelled his presence in the spring Sound as headline

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The clock of the rappers

A watch. A watch is what you need Migos, stellar trio of trap of Georgia that cancelled its presence in spring as headliners and great claim for younger audience. And y lost plane. With huge golden "Pelucos" on market, almost as big as a heliport, and y go, that's three, and y don't have one. Or if y do not look at it, which for case is same. As neir did Lauryn Hill in a CruIïlla of cultures, festival in which he rode a tremendous mess three years ago acting with notable delay, or as he also did in spring of last year Frank Ocean, anor cancellation of a festival that he has assumed must run A risk that many great hip-hop, trap or rhythm and blues artists in your market, United States, forget to look at your watch to attend a compromise that you probably see as far as Julio Iglesias a concert in Uagudú.

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The fact is that spring lives with that double feeling. On one hand you can take breast of proposing debut in Spain of great black figures of United States and on or you know risks of hiring artists that have no watch. The beneficiaries were two. On one hand planets, which acted in one of Hulk size scenarios when ir surprise concert was planned in one Lilliputian, and by anor Skepta, which joined poster of final day given Baja of Migos. It is only to be expected that organization of festival does not lose moral and porfíe for giving to fans of festival presence of artists that so much hard to see here.

But fortunately not all hip-hop artists live in ir limbo. Both Vince Staples ' concert on Thursday and Tyler Creator on Friday filled expectations of crowd that gared in front of ir scenarios. Staples showed up alone, without a DJ to steal prominence. He alone, wandering by scene, only supported by projections and by his micro, reinforced with this loneliness image of preacher who always purrs around reciters of hip-hop. The amazing thing is that it tends to be artists, like staples, with a charisma that would sink Titanic to collide with it. Poise, security, power and impudence. It is case of Staples, who already in second topic launched an easy and direct topic like Big Fish that put crowd to throw. A spectacle, crowd turned into sand shaken by an earthquake whose heart were jumping rhythms, of electronic rooted. Parts like BagBak, Norf Norf or Prima Donna whipped telluric phenomenon, which did not require a raspy or hard voice, since Staples has a different voice, soft, nothing rugged, even kind arguably, with a serene diction, not impelled by urgency or anger. A great concert, proof of power that rhymed word maintains as a scourge of multitudes.

On Friday night ceremony was repeated with Tyler Creator, as Staples anor spring repeater. In case of member of Odd future, it did close one of mastodónticos scenarios of festival, and late, thus morally obliged to leave bar above, drunk and altered in an even higher orbit and sleepers well awake and active. And I mean, if he did, though using weapons or than Vince staples. He also appeared only on stage, dressed in a reflective vest of those used when car leaves you lying on road or when you work as a waste manager — what was previously called landfills. A huge platform was used as a shelf/pulpit, and with no more presence than he opened with Where This flow blooms, giving clues of what he was going to do. And it is that Tyler has a thick voice, a raspy point, of rapid but non-epileptic diction, which he uses in compositions with soul and rhythm and blues, even Baladístico, which suddenly accelerate by printing speed as much to rhythm as to his body. It is, to understand, a kind of up and down whose intensity changes always catch by surprise. Cuts like 911, Lonely, IFHY or 48 sowed smile throughout audience, and particularly in first ranks, occupied by a chavalería that already went mad when it appeared to $ AP Rocky to sing with Tyler, as in Disco, a dark Boy Dat who at full speed.

and stuck in electronic and danceable sand, just review excellent performance of Jlin on Thursday in spring Bits, space has grown an enormity. What makes this American artist is called footwork, which translated means "about seven percussive rhythms overlapping, I do not let it just develop any, when you caught a pattern I get rid of you and I make a knot in your legs that will take days in Undo. " Still re were people who danced, but each interpreted what rhythm or point of rhythm was pattern in that collage of dark proposals. Easier was performance of Arca, who practiced not as an artist presenting a show, as he did at sonar, but as a high priest of party. Wearing a waistcoat and a miniskirt, Venezuelan mounted a beater beater of rhythms in which fit everything: from Latin rhythms Where are ' ', he shouted stimulating his response, to hard rock, going through tech-house or pop. A madness also difficult to dance but very enjoyable.


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