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The Collector Roberto Polo signs with Castilla-La Mancha the cession of his artistic treasure

The Santa Fe Museum in Toledo, and the Casa Zavala, in Cuenca, will host, from February 445, works by artists such as Kandinsky or Delacroix

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The Collector Roberto Polo signs with Castilla-La Mancha the cession of his artistic treasure

Roberto Polo (Havana, 1951), Cuban-American philanthropist and collector, says he has fulfilled "a dream" that had been hosting for two years: to cede part of artistic treasure gared in last 15 years to country of its ancestors and to some lands by which He always felt a lot of attachment: Castilla-La Mancha. The patron has signed this Wednesday in Toledo an agreement with President of Junta, socialist Emiliano Garcia-Page, which ratifies transfer of 445 works (from a collection of about 7,000), which range from mid-nineteenth century to present. From February 2019, visitors will be able to contemplate in Santa Fe Museum in Toledo, and in Casa Zavala, in Cuenca, pieces by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Honoré Daumier, Eugène Delacroix and Georges Vantongerloo.

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For Polo, born in Cuba and American citizen, but whose family origins depart from Galicia, cede to Castilla-La Mancha Those works, valued at 368 million euros, according to official note of autonomous government, was "an obvious gesture". "It is a symbol both for its historical and cultural legacy," he explains to this newspaper who is also defined as "benefactor" of Metropolitan Museum of New York and Louvre.

"This project is a wonderful dream. Works will be exhibited that have practically never been seen, "says patron, who began to collect art with only twenty years. Among works ceded stands out Groteske, " only original sculpture outside German museums" by German sculptor and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), key artist of Bauhaus revolutionizing art of dance and performance. It also excels a particularly "rare" work of Kandinsky, a street of Murnau, carried out around 1908. "This museum is going to sing a new song," he describes with great enthusiasm.

Ángel Felpeto, Councillor for education, culture and sports of Junta Castellanomanchega, shares joy of Polo because, according to him, this project offers opportunity both to Toledocomo to Cuenca to become two destinations of reference for Spanish tourism and International. This assignment "will mark a before and after," trusts Counselor, and allows "deseasonalizing visits to both cities, usually in fall and Summer", which already have an important artistic heritage. Felpeto expects an effect El Greco, similar to that experienced by city Toledo, in 2014, during celebration of fourth centenary of birth of artist born in Greece. "We have a Kandinsky valued at 22 million euros", politician is proud, "and a work that is not in its entirety in any or museum in Spain," he says.

The spaces that will host next year works gared by Polo are enlarged in 2023 with old Biblioteca de Miradero de Toledo and Provincial Historical archive of Cuenca. The management of this collection will be made through Roberto Polo Foundation, with an initial capital of 30,000 euros, and will be chaired by Felpeto. "An itinerary with or places of La Mancha is also under study," concedes counselor, who believes that "if Roberto Polo feels loved on this earth, [this first cession], it will end up being a donation."

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