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The Companions are regular teens

The scent of the book is mixed with the smell of sea, 4. Uskudar SAHAAF Festival has begun. The first day was filled with the participation of young people. The young people we discussed at the festival say they want to strive to get the information now, against fast access.

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The Companions are regular teens

First edition books, manuscripts, posters, old newspapers, postcards... The new stop of scent of old book was Uskudar. This year, 4th annual Üsküdar SAHAAF Festival began. Speaking at opening, Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen "despite development of technology, human beings did not give up writing. Write; To recall, to tell and to remember, to read is a divine commandment. It is not an ordinary festival because of its very ancient artifacts. We wish that festival would come to both enthusiasts and young, "he said.

They love ancient

In recent years, young people are new regulars of increasing number of companions. The vast majority of young women have great interest in books, magazines, literary journals he never met. Although some argue that this interest is superficial, companions are not at same sight. The young regulars of companions we discussed on first day of festival think that in a time when we quickly access information, it is more valuable for him to strive for. Here are comments....



1453 SAAF University student Omer Faruk Beliktaş, "The hunger for last period of knowledge of people reached line of purity. It led m to books as an element of trigger for teenagers. The Internet has forwarded information to research. Time is under pressure to reach information as soon as possible. In this case, I think that young people have a reaction to increasing old curiosity. I think that information on Internet is aimed at accuracy of discussing books, "he said. Ferhat Kocabürk, a 20-year-old Sahaaf, said new generation focuses more on visuals of older books: "They look rar visually than content. Of course, re are conscious young people who are particularly interested in garing old books in a conscious manner seeking Ottoman books. They love first edition books, but it costs expensive. "


"My love as a teenager comes from my far. It's fun to take care of old books. I've got a different spirit feed. Information is a little underfoot. It takes a determination to win it. It's more valuable because it's hard to gain. The world's classics are more interested than Turkish classics. "


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