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The conflict of Sijena is strained in the election campaign of Catalonia

Aragon studies the "possible criminal responsibility" of the Minister of Culture for authorizing the Generalitat's appeal

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The conflict of Sijena is strained in the election campaign of Catalonia

The culture occupies a marginal place in electoral program of political parties that concur to next autonomic elections of December 21. And in fact, none of m collects conflict over 97 assets of Sijena that confront Aragon and Catalonia in courts. However, litigation has crept into campaign and has forced all candidates and parties to speak out, even in a manner contrary to way ir state counterparts have done.

Rarely does culture sneak into an election campaign because political, social, and economic conflicts drink speeches of candidates. But electoral campaign of Catalan Autonomics has not been able to maintain margin of conflict that confronts communities of Aragon and Catalonia for assets of Sijena, which has been escalated coinciding with beginning of campaign: November 30 , after almost three years of delay, Provincial court issued a ruling ratifying nullity of sales and forcing transfer to Sijena of 97 assets. The first day of campaign coincided with Providence of judge who set a week to deliver works; A decision that was appealed on 7th day by Generalitat, despite intervention and 155, asking for more time for delivery. Within a few hours, appeal was answered with a new providence of judge of Huesca in which marks midnight tomorrow as moment when Guardia Civil could enter, using force if necessary, museum of Lleida to take works.

"It is a matter in which decisions are taken by courts," said Friday in Lleida president of government Mariano Rajoy during an act of support of Xavier García Albiol, candidate of PP, who had expressed his point of view contrary to transfer : "I do not share it and we would like this heritage to continue to be part of Lleida," he said. In same line of respect candidate of citizens Inés Arrimadas is manifested, although it takes advantage to charge against Generalitat: "for having been unable to collaborate, to be able to reach an agreement that leads to a better solution." They have made frentismo a modus operandi and in end you end up fighting with everyone, an attitude that in end makes great harmed citizens.

Aragon studies actions against Minister

The resource that presented on Thursday Generalitat to postpone delivery of works can cost expensive to Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Íñigo Méndez Vigo as president of Aragon, Javier Lambán who qualified as "serious" said y are studying Your "possible criminal responsibility" for authorizing it.

But re may be more resources. The director of Lleida Museum Josep Giralt explained on Friday that "a battery of legal actions is being prepared to try to avoid provisional execution, but if we fail to avoid it we will comply and move 44 pieces of art." We will be at 8 am [Monday] opening door and trying to move pieces, pack m, document m and move m in best possible condition.

The Socialist candidate of PSC Miquel Iceta, qualifies as "mistaken" government's decision to return works of Sijena, while Àngel Ros, Mayor Lleida and possibly most critical politician has received from all political parties for having Supported by PSOE application of 155, has assured that decision to deliver pieces is "imprudent" and defended that exit of pieces does not have to produce because judicial resolution is not firm. That is why it has urged Lleida Museum consortium to present several resources.

Sara Vila, candidate in Comú-Podem by Lleida denounces contradiction in which PSC has incurred and bets on a negotiated and dialogued solution between Generalitat and Aragonese institutions to reach a consensus that allows to share management of Works and who knows if ir ownership and with a priority idea: that y are preserved in best possible way. The senator regretted that PP had taken advantage of application of article 155 to interfere in conflict and predicted that case will be used in a partisan way by both sides.

For his part, Xavier Domènech, candidate of Catalonia in Comú, has rejected proposal of Deputy and candidate of CUP by Lleida, Mireia buoy, that citizens defend religious works of Museum of Lleida in same way that it did on October 1 with Electoral colleges when Civil guard is going to withdraw m by order of judge. After taking responsibility for Socialist mayor of city of Àngel Ros, of "plundering" of works of Sijena and of declaring that " museums are our" anticapitalist considers that case can be faced as a flag of what is 155. "We don't share it." The best way to defend cultural heritage of Lleida is to withdraw 155, said buoy pointing out that "rejects" decision of judge to forcibly enter museum to be able to requisition m.

With information from Guillem Andrés, Camilo S. Baquero, Jesús García, Lluís Pellicer, àngels Piñol and Pere Rios.


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