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The corpse-eating bear appeared again in Kastamonu

The bear, who dug up the newly buried corpses from the grave, appeared again in Kastamonu. The bear has destroyed the newly buried tomb. 3 months ago...

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The corpse-eating bear appeared again in Kastamonu
The corpse-eating bear was re-emerged in Kastamonu. Entry Date: 5.10.2017 11:39 previously new The bear, who dug out buried corpses from grave, appeared again in Kastamonu. The bear has destroyed newly buried tomb.

Three months ago, bear, who wanted to exhume burial body, fled without opening tomb upon citizens ' notice. The tomb of Kastamonu, which was caught 90 days ago in neighborhood of Turplar district of Seydiler, lost his life as a result of a disease was destroyed by passers-by citizens. The bear, who wanted to open tomb from head, was afraid of vehicles crossing road while digging tomb. The bear, who wants to open tomb, has traces of footprints and claws around tomb. Above tomb, bear was tried to protect tomb with barbed wires on possibility of coming back to grave. It was seen in wires around cemetery. Ahmet Öcal, who was resident in Seydiler, died three months ago by stating that Hasan little was buried two kilometers from town of Turplar in family cemetery in neighborhood, "in our district and in some of our villages again, as before The bear comes from smell of corpses. In our defense, three months ago, he came to tomb of Hasan Künüt and left without opening tomb, fearing vehicles crossing road because cemetery was on edge of path. But again, we think this bear will come again because of smell. Animals are loved, all animals must love, only harmful animals must be taken by our Government or by our authorities. It is estimated that re are three bears in this region. We have friends who see se bears, and we are waiting for help from our officials at point of opening graves of Bears. " Previously in Seydiler and in area of bear, Tomb of Moon reminding that body ate corpse Ahmet öcal, "Previously on Seydiler and in some neighborhoods of networks, bears were eaten after removing body from grave. We've been worried about things like this before. As it is known, Graves are not made immediately, it must be at least a year after being buried in order to make a good tomb. For him, we are waiting for help from authorities about this matter, "he said. To reach grave of bear, he smashed wires around cemetery, said Ahmet Öcal, saying: "The bear smashed wires to reach tomb and attempted to open tomb by coming to grave. He left tomb before he was afraid of vehicles passing by. We want to warn owners of funeral, such incidents can happen again. As you can see, bears are likely to come to newly buried graves unless tomb is made. Because bears can find se graves in smell. There's also a fruit tree on our cemetery. Not only tomb, but fruit trees, bears can come. The bears that come to fruit trees are likely to be buried and dug up, and chances of removing corpse are high. "


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