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The cosmonaut who took off Soviet and landed Russian

The Latin American Sergio amp; Sergey tells through the friendship between three radio amateurs the collapse of the communist world in 1991

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The cosmonaut who took off Soviet and landed Russian
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It is called Sergey Constantinovich Krikaliov, and it took off in a Soyuz on May 19, 1991, when its country was called Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It landed on March 25, 1992 in Russia. In between extinct USSR suffered a military coup, it dissolved, communist block was dissolved... And Krikaliov was still circling MIR space station. Not for pleasure, for science or for a mission to complete. Down on earth re was no money to rescue him or a hierarchy he knew what to do. This hero in his sorrow is one of members of triangle protagonist of Sergio Sergey, film Hispanocubana directed by Ernesto Daranas, who found germ of story in "an old news of Cuban television, where y presented to Krikaliov Like last Soviet hero. "

The rest of this film, which reaches Spanish atres next Friday 20 after spending Sunday for competition of Malaga Festival, is invention, a fiction written by Daranas, who uses radio to unite a professor of Marxism in Havana , a witness of drift of government of his country, which thanks to waves recovers contact with an American friend of his far. Ron Perlman gives life to this American, uncomfortable gear in capitalist system, and tired of a vital struggle. And finally thanks to this radio hobby, Cuban communicates by chance with a Soviet cosmonaut abandoned in a MIR decrepit, "without glamour", director points out. "Nor was it in our lives, marked by intolerance, dogmatism, resignation and poverty."

In Sergio and Sergey re is tragicomedy of absurd, ridiculous nostalgia-consciously by director-according to which characters of past that sound to heroic when around paradigm changes. Physically you will never see, even if you hear and confess with confidence that gives you know that thousands of miles away anor suffers same sensations. The film has been shot between Cuba and Spain, and here comes Ron Perlman, actor of legendary career: from Cronos to name of Rose, through Hellboy of Guillermo del Toro or Alien: Resurrection, and currently linking a project after anor television. Perlman is also one of producers of film. "I've been in same working rhythm for a few years. I dedicate four or five months to a series, as children of Anarchy, hand of God or StartUp, and so I have seven months to do what I want, to focus on small independent projects like this Sergio and Sergey, "says New Yorker, who last Friday It turned 68 years.

"Shooting today in Cuba is a forbidden fruit, a temptation difficult to reject for an American like me, who thinks that a clown governs us from White House"

But why a Cuban movie? "First because 25 years ago I risked shooting a little Mexican feature film with a kid who became one of my best friends. It was Cronos, of William of Bull. He taught Me incredible possibilities of Latin world. Then, because I was attracted to embodying a character who barely moves from his chair. " Perlman recalls her age, her long past of violent roles, wrestlers, "who were fighting in a fight." Laughter clarifies: "Play rest." And finally, he confesses: "Filming today in Cuba is a forbidden fruit, a temptation difficult to reject for an American like me, who thinks that a clown governs us from White House. I want people to see film as a warning to keep watch on what is happening today. Fighting, nationalism ends when we remember that we are human beings and that, like this trio, we can unite human fraternity. "


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