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' The Crown ', winds of change inside and outside Buckingham

Netflix debuts the complete second season of the series that tells the story of Isabel II of England

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' The Crown ', winds of change inside and outside Buckingham

The winds of change in a less reverent British society with monarchy mark tonic of second season of Crown, whose premiere on 8th of December on Netflix will show Isabel II dealing both in public front and in her own marriage. "After first few years on throne, Queen is now more confident of her role in institution, but those around her must still understand who she is and that implies many tensions," Claire Foy advances to country on character who retakes in midst of Suez crisis (195 (6) and with her husband physically and emotionally estranged.

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The story of crisis in royal couple is one of strong dishes of new series of show conceived by Peter Morgan, spanning eight years until birth of fourth son of sovereign. Unadapted to his role as consort, Prince Felipe (played by Matt Smith) takes part in a five-month tour of Commonwealth countries in which he unleashes his character as "Free Spirit" by exotic landscapes of journey. Given this suggestion of alleged infidelity, a delicate issue when it comes to couple of Queen of England with whom she has just celebrated in real life her 70 wedding anniversary, Foy emphasizes that "we have faced it in same way that history has done" : It's just rumors and re's no definitive accusation. But it would not have been realistic to exclude him (from plot) and pretend that se people are perfect what would be point of making a series about m?

Anor character that continues to give a lot of play is Margarita (in charge of Vanessa Kirby), whom her sister Queen prevented in first season to marry a divorced pilot, and now introduces Spectator in London of artistic, social and sexual revolution By hand of his new love, photographer Tony Armstrong Jones. This society that shortens low of skirts or feminine mane and points towards modernity of sixties is that which must face Isabel. "The world is changing faster than she is and suddenly she realizes that everything she gave for sure is no longer," says Foy about a sovereign who must deal with a press that is becoming less complacent or forced to subtract rigidity from monarchy for guarantee Tsar's survival.

The Suez military fiasco (Egypt) announcing post-colonial era, scandal of sex and politics whose media coverage ends up toppling His Majesty's Government or President Kennedy's visit to London with his dazzling wife, Jackie, are Historical episodes that parade through 10 chapters of second season. The presence of Isabel II is only thing that will remain immutable both here and throughout future deliveries that seek to cover more than six decades in public and private history of monarchy.

His television face, however, will no longer be same in remainder of tour of crown. Claire Foy is grateful to say goodbye to a role that has procured Golden Globe to give relief to Olivia Colman (Broadchurch, Infiltrator). "From beginning I signed only for two years, and I did not seduce to mortgage my career and my life for anor five, dedicated to daily sessions of four hours of make-up (to grow old)." It has not been neir first nor last Isabel II of screen: "The paper I have spent many or actresses", Apostilles, "because that is ir nature".

A funny and difficult prince

The second season delves deep into character of husband of Queen who, according to his interpreter, Matt Smith, is a short distances "intelligent, fun and very popular in royal house", but whose spirit also rebellious and not always understood drags a "Traumatic" past. The resort to flashback will transport us to childhood and adolescence of Philip, Prince born in Greece, forced into exile and soon separated from his parents (he left family for a mistress and she entered a sanatorium) and her sisters, married to Nazi. The hard years of internment in United Kingdom of adoption will forge an inflexible adult with his parent, Carlos. The prelude to a difficult relationship in next deliveries ...


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