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The ' D-Day ' for the delivery of the works of Sijena has come

Tension in the last hours before the end of the deadline set by the judge to return the 44 pieces of the monastery that conserves the museum of Lleida

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The ' D-Day ' for the delivery of the works of Sijena has come

This Monday, right in middle of electoral campaign of Catalan autonomics, absolute protagonists will be 44 pieces of monastery of Sijena that are preserved so far in museum of Lleida. The substitute Judge Antonio Martín has set this day to give m to Aragon after considering that sale between nuns and Generalitat was illegal. The deadline to deliver m voluntarily ends at midnight on this Sunday and from that moment judge gives carte blanche for Civil Guard and technicians of Government of Aragon access, with use of force if necessary, inside museum to be done with The works and m. In Sijena y are already waiting for m and y assure that y will offer with Cava Aragonese to celebrate it.

In last providence of December 7, judge said that anyone who opposed to delivery of works could be charged with "a crime of disobedience to authority and administration of justice." It will not be necessary, director of museum Josep Giralt has assured that he has ordered all his team to be in museum at 7.30 hours on Monday morning to comply with judicial requirement. "If you can't help it." We will be prepared and try to move pieces, pack m, document m and move m in best conditions. It will be treated as if it were a loan and we will force technicians of Aragon to be responsible for transfer and if parts are affected by transfer, "says Giralt who trusts that Aragonese technicians do not present at midnight this Sunday and wait N First thing Monday. Giralt also remarks that sentence is not firm and that in case supreme ends up giving reason to Catalonia he wants pieces to return in good condition. It also trusts that change of judge, which this very Monday is relieved by new judge titular of court number 1 of Huesca, can give a turn to case, after battery of resources presented by City Council of LLeida, consortium of Museum and own Generalit At order to deliver parts.

But museum technicians won't be alone on Monday morning. Apart from a good number of media outlets that do not want to miss time when judicial agents arrive and take works, y are summoned at that same time in morning all citizens who want to "a café" next to museum at 7.30 hours. The conveners are youth organization of left-wing independentist Arran, linked to CUP. It has also called for mobilization of all Lleida in a "civic, peaceful and respectful manner abuse implied by this inexplicable performance" Lleida cultural entities platform, an entity that has closely followed conflict.

In Aragon, y are also summoned. But this time to receive "with applause" works in Sijena. The Sijena platform itself has carried out forceful actions such as singing and launching leaflets inside several Catalan museums in claiming pieces has asked "all citizens" to support return of goods to monastery of Huesca. The platform, after criticizing that it has been avoided to comply with order that has led to "having to be done by force," has insisted that conflict is not "a clash between two sister communities." Despite that y have ensured that return of pieces will be celebrated by offering with Cava Aragonés.

There is no certainty of what may happen this Monday and what operation may last. In rooms re are eight pieces of set of 44 works that were acquired by Generalitat on April 21, 1983 by 10 million of pesetas (60,101 euros): The three boxes of polychrome wood of XV century and five high of alabaster 16th century Polychromes. In warehouses are rest: 6 Tables of altarpieces of XVI and XVIII centuries and 9 fragments more of high also of alabaster, very deteriorated and some totally altered by suffering effects of fire which burned monastery during three days during Civil War. The highest group is formed by 21 oil paintings on canvas from 17th and 18th centuries. From museum y ensure that packing all this material for safe travel required hours. From Aragon y are in a hurry to get pieces back to Sijena.


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