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The daily drawing of Anne Frank

Ari Folman and David Polonsky, authors of the award-winning animated film ‘Waltz with Bashir’, move to the format chart one of the great texts on the nazi period

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The daily drawing of Anne Frank

Ari Folman and David Polonsky, authors of award-winning animated film ‘Waltz with Bashir’, move to format chart one of great texts on nazi period


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The protagonist, drawn, it seems more true than that of old black and white photos. Times seems to have flesh and bone, it seems that we know since always, a neighbour or a family member. The filmmaker and screenwriter Ari Folman and illustrator, David Polonsky have, in ir graphical adaptation of The diary of Anne Frank, translated into format of graphic novel, a text that is a classic of contemporary literature and a historical document about persecution of jews in Europe.

The israeli Folman and Polonsky, authors also of documentary graphic Waltz with Bashir, recover with a stroke clear and direct style extraordinary history and manners of eight jews hiding in an apartment secret in Amsterdam under nazi occupation.

re is blood in journal original of Anne Frank, published in 1947, nor on daily chart, 19 October will be published in Spanish by Debolsillo. Do not appear trainloads of deported, or gas chambers. It is almost minimalist. Anne Frank's account of Holocaust without counting it. The most ominous — arrest and detention of seven-month pilgrimage to concentration camps, extermination and death of teenager— does not appear in original text —Anne Frank stopped writing diary prior to it being discovered— and daily chart is a brief epilogue written by authors.

The Anne Frank of Folman and Polonsky is real, is part of everyday life. In ir drawings is present.

A bullet from graphic novel 'The diary of Anne Frank', Ari Folman and David Polonsky.

"It's a story of every day: what it means to be hidden for two years", said a few days ago Folman to THE COUNTRY in Paris. Next to him sat Polonsky. "And we hope in truth that readers can connect with our times. Although I am a bit skeptical".

"This happened 75 years ago. And it is still happening," says Folman. "In war zones. In The Middle East. In South Sudan. In Burundi. [The diary of Anne Frank] seems like ancient history. But it is still happening".

One of effects of reading new Diary of Anne Frank is to demystify icon, moving it closer to young readers who may feel intimidated by a work that is canonical, and required reading in many schools, or to readers who do not know history of Frank and History of Holocaust.

The authors explain that y read book of teenagers, and not caught his interest. "We read it in school. When you're 14 you don't understand its potential," recalls Folman. "I read when Foundation Anne Frank contacted me [to offer to take care of graphic novel], and I was struck by quality of book. Only adult I understood that it was a masterpiece".

"it Is a great writer. This is what struck me when I read it as an adult," nods Polonsky.

Move 330 pages of which consists in daily book format of 148 illustrated and with little letter of graphic novel, forced authors to "think so cinematic," says Folman.

And now, movie

Ari Folman and David Polonsky, co-authors of ‘daily graphic’ of Anne Frank, prepare an animated movie. Should be ready in a couple of years. Unlike comic, movie will be located in a 60% in our time, advances Folman. The narrator of movie is Kitty, imaginary friend that Anne Frank writes in her diary. Kitty reads journal and discovers viewers what happened to Ana. "The film," says writer, "is search of Kitty to show that Ana is alive. Because she believes that if she is alive, Anne Frank, who invented it, is also alive." It's about Anne Frank (Frankfurt, 1929-Bergen-Belsen, 1945), author of diary that became a classic after discovery at end of Second World War, to a current public and young. In film, unlike in graphic novel, will appear last seven months of Anne Frank, journey tragic for concentration camps and ir ultimate death, at age of 15.

Folman and Polonsky were banned to translate language of comics first person of original text. That is to say, not trying to imagine how Anne Frank had illustrated his journal. To move word by word everything journal had given a graphic novel of 3,500 pages, and some ten years of work. Had to select, synsize, narrate with drawings, and sometimes imagine. For example, thirty pages devoted to relationship between Anne and her sister, Margot, are summarized in a single in which a series of portraits juxtaposed to both of you, no text, show dramatic differences of character between two.

Anor peculiarity of daily chart of Folman and Polonsky is that it preserves in some of pages fragments of integers journal. "They were [fragments] extraordinary, re was no way to touch m. Should be kept intact as pure literature. And I think that, when you do what you did, you should remind reader: 'Hey, this is original, you must read it'," explains Folman.

Polonsky grew up in Soviet Union, where y had not heard of Anne Frank. Folman, son of Holocaust survivors, grew up in Israel. His parents came to gates of Auschwitz on same day that family Frank.

"When we speak of Holocaust, we talk about symbols," he explains. "The holocaust was monochrome, black-and-white, photograph of child in Warsaw ghetto, starvation, executions, and tuberculosis. And, for people who were re, was all of this, but also of becoming an adult, my first girlfriend and my first kiss: of life."

And so was Anne Frank, as writes French novelist Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in a recent issue of journal, someone who "cultivates joy more than sadness, joy that Spinoza [anor jew of Amsterdam] defined it as ' step towards perfection, bigger'. "I can't help thinking that Anne Frank, scandalously crushed by History, he had success in which depended upon it: his life."

A bullet from graphic novel 'The diary of Anne Frank', Ari Folman and David Polonsky.


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