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The day Picasso returned to Malaga beach

Antonio Banderas debuts in the filming of the series ' Genius ', in which he plays the painter, with a scene set in 1939

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The day Picasso returned to Malaga beach

Picasso laughs with some disdain. He is reading press and Dora Maar, lying next to him on a towel on beach in Antibes, on French Riviera, asks him what is so funny. "My good friend, Caudillo, Generalissimo Francisco Franco, has banned divorce in Spain," replies artist. It's 1939, shortly after end of Civil war. The couple of lovers initiate a dialogue on desirability or not of marriage that evidences ir complicity and kisses. He n asks photographer to return to hotel because she wants to paint it.

It's not really about beach in Antibes. It is mercy, in Malaga, first thing in morning of November 1. The scene is included in second season of Genius anthology, of National Geographic and Fox, dedicated to Pablo Picasso and in full filming. The premiere of television series is scheduled for fall of 2018. And whoever gets first time in painter's skin is Antonio Banderas. From Malaga to Malaga. "Finally," he thinks characterized as artist with beige linen shirt, swimsuit with lists and gray hair with very marked stripe above right ear. The sequence lasts just over two minutes and is actress Samantha Colley who gives life to Dora Maar.

Banderas longed to interpret Picasso and it was important to do so in Malaga to achieve, in a way, that genius could return to his hometown. He was being a kid and never came back. But " images of a child for 10 years are very powerful and remain recorded," actor tells country. This was argument he used to convince producer Ron Howard, and creator of series and director, Ken Biller, that he had to shoot in capital of Malaga, which was not initially included in work agenda. "It happens to me." I can't forget certain lights, shapes, colors, feelings with my family. With my mom, with my far. "Gripped by my mor's hand in Holy Week here," he adds. Just three days after recording Picasso's scene with country as a witness, Banderas lost his 84-year-old mor.

A new format that actor Antonio Banderas like Pablo Picasso in ' Genius '.

Antonio Banderas plays Picasso in Genius from 40 years. It was his desired character and opportunity has come for television after not achieving it in cinema. "Some factors change, but I'm favored, I like to shoot fast," he explains. It is its first series and highlights "huge" quality of production. The team is same of top 10 chapters of Genius, who narrated story of Albert Einstein. Banderas decided to lower pace of work after suffering a heart attack at beginning of year and after playing Picasso, his gaze moves eagerly towards scenic project, anor outstanding challenge, which will develop at Teatro Alameda in Malaga. Has devised an ambitious plan, building will be rehabilitated and actor expects to open season in September 2019. "I've gotten into this wonderful mess." "The same thing I come here to ruin, but I don't care."

The city, protagonist

Flags convinced Biller. He visited with him locations related to painter in Andalusian city and team spent three days recreating protagonist's childhood before moving to Barcelona. The first stop was Paris and last one, Budapest, where interiors are now recorded. The images of Malaga are centered in birthplace, converted into a museum; The church of Santiago, where Picasso was baptized; The bullring of Malagueta, where seven years old painted his first painting, a chopper. And scene of beach, a real "gift" for flags, of 57 years, one less than that has its character in sequence. The transformation came after a two-hour make-up session.

The actor speaks with passion of complicated genius. of person and artist. He knows his work well and has read a lot about him. He quotes my life several times with Picasso, by Françoise Gilot, woman who replaced Maar in heart of artist and mor of his sons Paloma and Claude. "You have to be able to read between lines to try to find Picasso in most just way with his life," he argues. And same enthusiasm puts flags to relate character to city of birth of both. "Do you remember citizen Kane?" "Do you remember what Rosebud was, sled?" he asks. "I think Malaga is Rosebud for Picasso," he says.

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