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The day with more magic on television

DMAX celebrates its magic day with the premiere of the new season of the magician Pop 48 hours with

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The day with more magic on television

For Antonio Díaz every day is magical. Sounds cheesy, but magic is his profession. The illusionist was made known worldwide thanks to a television program in DMAX and is in this chain where he has continued his work outside tables of atres and halls specialized in magic. This Saturday chain celebrates for fifth year its magic Day, with 24 hours of uninterrupted programming with magicians and mentalists. The strong dish will be premiere of a new season of magician Pop: 48 hours with, in which Diaz spends two days with a famous. On Saturday re will be double episode with Chenoa and Antonio Orozco as guests.

When choosing guests to spend with m 48 hours, magician recognizes that first thing y think about program is how y will react to tricks. "Every guest becomes a new challenge for me." They are people I admire and, refore, I prepare numbers that I will make specifically for each one of m thinking about ir work and ir personality, explains illusionist. This season magician will also accompany or celebrities such as Raúl Arévalo, Adrián Lastra and Joaquín Reyes.

Diaz says that biggest challenge in making each one of se programs is to find new things that y haven't done before with or guests. "In addition, things oriented to characters who share a profession, because same when you invite a musician to do some games, but when you've already made four musicians in program, challenge is greater," he says.

The Pop magician recognizes that it is much more difficult to make magic television shows than daily performances in a ater. And not for tricks. It's a matter of public confidence. "All my life I have faced direct, atre, and it is a more direct challenge." People are watching it live and disconnecting distrust. On television our biggest challenge is that one you see at home may think it's a camera trick or a video effect. "There is some impotence, because you think, with what we have worked and prepared and with that argument everything is dismantled." But Diaz recognizes that this is what makes him want to improve: "It is one thing that we have to put batteries and see in what ways we can disconnect that mistrust and break that fourth wall."

Thanks to DMAX, Pop magician is known in whole world. Diaz does not forget to talk about his program: "When I started in Discovery, in my team we were 12 people." "We are now more than 50." That team includes or magicians with whom he decides which games and tricks to draw. "I like to start from a brainstorm, to say I'd like to do this, this and this." In addition, magicians who work with us are magicians who have a great technical knowledge and know a lot of magic. We also rescue classics, which is one thing that I love. A game that maybe is in a book that 200 years ago that is not done. "You discover wonderful jewels," he concludes.

In new edition of The Magic Day, y will complete programming of DMAX illusionists such as Dynamo, Jorge Luengo, David Blaine and Troy among ors.

Or magicians

The Pop Magician is demolished in praise of two or famous illusionists who have also triumphed on television: David Copperfield and Juan Tamariz. "Copperfield, not only because I look like a super complete magician, if not especially for what he has done for magic." He has made being a magician stop being a geek to become a rock star. "It's a guy who's doing magic has sold more tickets than Madonna, Beatles and Coldplay, toger." "In Spain re are many magicians." Our potential for Spain is more about magic. We have one of biggest, not now, of history, which is John Tamariz. Not only by magic, but because it is a well of wisdom of magic. He is passionate about illusionism and is respected all over world, says Diaz.


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