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The Dolores Morales by Sergio Ramírez

The Nicaraguan writer, recent prize Cervantes 2017, presents in the FIL and no one cries for me, his return to the black novel as an excuse to inquire into the shadows of power in his country

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The Dolores Morales by Sergio Ramírez

To immerse himself in black waters of power in his country, Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramirez has recovered one of his old characters: Dolores Morales, a veteran policeman who nine years ago, in heaven Cries for me, persecuted by Managua Colombian narcos and Now, turned detective into No one cries for me, looks for missing daughter of a shady millionaire who makes him doubt "between his personal ethics and $5,000 that promises his client," said Saturday author during crowded presentation of book At Guadalajara Fair (FIL), his first public act just a week after being awarded Cervantes Prize 2017.

Ramírez, first Central American writer to gain greatest recognition of lyrics in Spanish, has returned to police genre as an excuse. "This is a novel about power," he said, "because unlike what happens in Anglo-Saxon black novel, where police, justice, state works well, detectives of Latin American genre are more degraded, more polluted characters, are" "Overwhelmed by pressure of shadows of power."

"A panorama of rot, corruption and abuse of power." Thus defined presenter of event, Mexican writer Guadalupe Nettel, Nicaragua that portrays novel, "told through unique experience of Sergio, who was a guerrilla and vice-president." The Nicaragua of Daniel Ortega, also a Sandinista guerrilla, but became dictatorial warlord.

The saddest thing about Nicaragua is that re was a revolution and it's as if imprint of that profound change would never have happened

"The problems of corruption, impunity and abuse are common in many Latin American countries, but saddest thing in Nicaragua is that re was a revolution and it is as if imprint of that profound change never happened," said author, one of fiercest critics of Political regime of his country, which already in 1999 forwarded as an omen in Farewell boys, a sentimental chronicle of Twilight of Utopia.

The ability to collect voices and shapes of Central American peoples, one of justifications of Cervantes jury to reward Ramírez, is again present in his latest novel. "This is a choral and chatty book, a work of dialogues that make action progress". On allegorical and pop names of characters — Dolores Morales, Vade, Lord Dixon, Chuck Norris — author pointed to his roots in Masatepe, one of those small towns, and his family: "He had some fellow musicians, who were always on street and played to put" Nicknames to everybody. "

Cheered practically every time he finished one of his speeches, new Cervantes Prize, he advanced some clues about future. "People ask me what my next book is going to be." The truth is that at moment I am presenting this and in process of thinking new. I was on it when I got prize bolt. "I promise that as soon as I get back to Nicaragua, I get job."


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